Munchausen Syndrome: Munchausen Syndrome Proxy

21 October 2017

Munchausen syndrome deputy (also: Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome) is a special form of Munchausen syndrome, which can be particularly problematic - because other people are doing affected.

In contrast to the Munchausen Syndrome people add with Munchausen syndrome deputy himself no harm but a deputy - usually a child. Close relatives, mostly mothers, to give to the doctor before the child have a disease - or mistreat their child or manipulate his health specifically. 

Some examples:

Often people go with Munchausen syndrome deputy with her child in the emergency department. Sometimes they also pushed forward to undergo the child a really unnecessary surgery. Through all this they appear particularly caring, which is especially deceptive for the treating physicians. These often not suspect for a long time, but can find no cause for the discomfort of the child.

In rare cases, the person does not use a child, but another adult for his purposes. Doctors speak of a "Munchausen-by-proxy syndrome adult".


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