Sudden Hearing Loss: What to bend

21 October 2017

A sudden loss of hearing, you may be able to prevent with a healthy lifestyle. Not infrequently, a sudden loss of hearing occurs just when the stress is greatest - a direct correlation has so far, however, not be proved.

If you have already experienced some hearing coping strategies for conflict situations can be helpful. Relaxation techniques like autogenous training, yoga or meditation can be used to stress reduction be helpful. You should also excessive avoid noise pollution. Noise damages the delicate hair cells in the inner ear and can therefore favor some hearing.

An increased risk of acute hearing loss have people whose blood is thickened and faster than normal clot (increased clotting tendency). High blood lipids may play a role, as they change the flow properties of blood here. Who pays attention to a balanced, high-fiber, yet low-fat diet rich in fruits and vegetables may lower its blood fat levels frequently and thus conditionally prevent a sudden loss of hearing.

Also affects regular exercise positive effect on the blood values. Risk patients should be regularly check their cholesterol levels in the blood at the doctor. Since nicotine damages the blood vessels and therefore is considered a risk factor for acute hearing loss, it is advisable to give up nicotine.


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