The spleen: Milzschmerzen, enlarged spleen

21 October 2017

Milzschmerzen make a rule in the lower abdomen below the navel noticeable. Sometimes they radiate in the upper abdomen or left shoulder area.

If the spleen is painful, can have various causes, such as

The spleen is palpable, which means that it is magnified by a disease, for example, as a result

Unlike many other body organs, the spleen is important, but not necessarily essential. Because a malfunction of the spleen other organs of the lymphatic system together with the red bone marrow and the liver can function their "take", That is, even if the spleen has to be surgically removed (splenectomy, for example after injury or in autoimmune diseases such as Crohn's Werlhof) are born without a spleen or babies, a reasonably normal life for those affected is possible.

Since the spleen plays an important role in the immune system, however, is for people without a spleen, a greater risk for infections, especially by bacteria such as pneumococci or Haemophilus influenza. Who is operated or have to live without a spleen, should therefore on vaccinations pathogens that are often spread via the blood in the body and can lead to further infections, value set (such as the pneumococcal vaccine). Symptoms such as fever are necessarily early medically clarified. It is important to inform the doctor about the missing spleen, so that it can take the appropriate measures.


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