8. SSW (Pregnancy & shy; week)

21 October 2017

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In the 8th week of pregnancy (SSW) of the embryo about 15 millimeters (crown-rump length = SSL) is. The head now stands and the body stretches, the embryo looks more and more like a baby out.

Over the 8 SSW a small face with mouth, nose and eyes is already visible. With the eighth week of pregnancy, the second month of pregnancy ends. During this time, pregnant women, so-called Early pregnancy rates visit (for example, midwives) in which important questions about early pregnancy (for example, diet in pregnancy and behavior at this time regarding) are explained.

Once the pregnancy is known, carried the initial examination the gynecologist, in which also the mother pass is handed out. then follow Checkups at intervals of four weeks up to 32 weeks. From 32 weeks until the expected date of delivery, this distance is reduced to two weeks. If the calculated date exceeded, by the 10th day every other day, controlled by 14 days daily. are furthermore three large checkups with ultrasound intended:

In the eighth week of pregnancy (SSW) is the Uterus about the size of a goose egg and has already had such pressing on the bladder, that the expectant mother must frequently to the toilet (urinary frequency). The tapes, in which the uterus is suspended (ligaments) stretch further, which the pregnant woman often referred to as unpleasant pulling feeling in the abdomen. The breasts can now use to grow and nipple and areola become darker. In the first trimester is from pregnancy but not much to see. The expectant mother takes neither very much nor is the baby bump.

If you still can not fit now their usual pants and belly feels uncomfortable bloated, which may be because your digestion by the hormonal change has become slower. This can result in constipation and bloating - the little tummy, which many pregnant women observed in this time on, is therefore a bloating, through which the habitual Clothes Hook unpleasant and repressed. Whom it still may be too early to Schwangeschaftskleidung by simple tricks manage and create the bloated stomach Place:

From about the eighth SSW many pregnant women notice even a slight effort increased fatigue and difficulty in breathing. A portion of the inhaled oxygen is now diverted to the embryo and the blood volume of the mother gradually increases to supply the fetus with the necessary oxygen. For the embryo is always provided sufficient oxygen available, so the pregnant woman as soon as they make an effort and himself more oxygen needed noticed a slight lack of oxygen, which is manifested by fatigue and shortness of breath. Plenty of exercise in the fresh air and breathing exercises can counteract this.

The variety of hormones can strain the body and psyche, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy and bring a variety of pregnancy symptoms with it. In addition to the known morning sickness, increased fatigue and possibly discharge have many pregnant women now strong mood swings. Also, this is normal and usually leaves around the fourth month of pregnancy after.

As early as the eighth week of pregnancy (SSW) - the embryo is now about six weeks old - you can first signs of ultrasound Fingers and toes see. In the 8th SSW the embryo reaches a size of about 15 millimeters.

Outwardly is almost indistinguishable from the embryos of other mammals up to the eighth week of pregnancy an embryo. From now on, but this is changing gradually: The small body absorbs clearly human traits and is recognizable as a baby.

So far, the embryo had his head bending forward - now he raises it and thereby stretched his body. His skull consists of thin cartilage, through which shines the system of the brain. Behind the forehead, large bubbles, from which the cerebrum is incurred develop. The underlying smaller bubbles are the precursors of other important parts of the brain. The eyes are now covered with a fine skin, from which the eyelids develop.

Many of the organs of the embryo already work: The produce kidney urine and the Stomach gastric acid. In the following four weeks, the remaining organs are fully developed.

On the ultrasound screen, you can see the fast beats of the heart good. Soon the slow form are accepting arms and legs, their elbow and knee just train move. At about the eighth week of pregnancy also the bones begin to verknorpeln.


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