Agoraphobia: Definition

21 October 2017

Agoraphobia is a anxiety disorder. Like other phobias (for example, dental phobia, fear of flying) suffering people with agoraphobia unreasonable fears, that occur in specific, objectively dangerous situations.

People with agoraphobia are afraid of situations or places in / on which they supposedly no escape have or where they fear in an emergency no help to get.

Such situations may, for example, stay in public places, be in crowds or public transport - but also all other places outside the home can be frightening. Sufferers fear to get in the situation of panic, embarrassing himself or lose in any other way control. But some have some fear that they could be dizzy and that they then can not escape the situation or that they then no one can help. Other fears may be suffering a heart attack or get diarrhea.

Some people with agoraphobia leave home rarely or not at all. © iStock

Some people with agoraphobia leave home rarely or not at all.

Agoraphobia often occurs together with a panic disorder on. The agoraphobic suffers additionally sudden panic attacks, which may be associated with symptoms such as nausea, palpitations, feelings of powerlessness and fear of death.

It is estimated that about five hundred people of the German population suffer at some point in their lives at a agoraphobia.


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