Synesthesia: Definition

21 October 2017

Synesthesia designated by definition a Coupling of sensations: The word synesthesia is composed of the Greek words syn (= Together) and aisthesis (= Sensation). Synesthesia means something sense fusion. A person with this type of expanded perception is synaesthete or synesthete.

synesthesia are individually unique: Each synesthete they experienced differently. Usually people are neurologically and psychologically completely with synesthesia healthy. Presumably, many of them thanks to the synesthesia greater capabilities, for example in terms of creativity (which often shows in art). famous synaesthete were the composer Franz Liszt and Jean Sibelius and the writer Vladimir Nabokov.

The information available to synesthesia Information on the frequency are very differently: is estimated to be at least 1 in 2,000 People a synesthete; possibly up to 1 200. Here, the unreported be much higher - in part because many people their synesthesia completely unaware are. In about 40 percent of cases, different variants of synaesthesia occur with an interested party, some variants but only once below 200 victims.


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