Intestinal obstruction (ileus): Definition

21 October 2017

On bowel obstruction - also ileus called - is a full Disruption of the normal intestinal transit in the small intestine or colon. On incomplete Intestinal obstruction, however, is a so-called subileus.

the designation ileus derives from the Greek word Eilein from that actually "crowd together" or "lock in" means. For a total closure - - is the intestinal transit hampered by a bowel obstruction or interrupted, the digested food and will not be transported liquid, so that the intestinal contents jams.

A bowel obstruction (ileus) has serious consequences: it means that the bowel can fulfill its function only partially or not at all. The Task of the intestine is to continue the digestion in the stomach and begun to transfer the food components in the bloodstream (resorption). The indigestible parts separates man as droppings (feces) from. The various sections of the intestine perform different tasks.

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Anatomy of the abdominal organs

During the food transport by the intestine, the body absorbs the nutrients through the lining of the intestinal wall. In the last section of the small intestine, the ileum (ileum), the absorption of nutrients is then completed. In the colon thus only reach the indigestible Food residues. Bacteria present in the colon in large numbers naturally decompose these radicals by fermentation and putrefaction.

The most important task However, the colon is the water and the salts, which engage with the digestive juices into the intestine, again the body attributable. Almost two liters of digestive juices is an adult a day. They remain two liters in the intestine, which may be the case with an ileus, is lost to the circulatory system of the body important volume. The fluid loss is comparable to that which occurs in severe diarrhea. The missing volume weakens the cycle - ultimately may lead to an undersupply of vital organs.


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