Emergency contraception: Cost

21 October 2017

How much does the morning after pill, depends on the particular drug from:

The cost of the pill but then may vary from pharmacy to pharmacy, because there is no set price.

Whether you need to bear these costs and any other fees themselves, and depends on whether you can then prescribe the pill doctor of your age.

For legally insured women under 20 years, the pill is then free by insurances - the insurance company will cover the cost. However, the doctor is a private prescription, you must itself bear the costs for the morning-after pill. If you buy the morning-after pill without a prescription at the pharmacy, you get the cost of health insurance is not refundable.

For women between 18 and 20 years of age, a prescription fee of five euros may apply. With the 20th anniversary of women affected must then assume the cost of the pill for themselves anyway - whether you then get the pill with or without a prescription. 


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