Gaming chair test

20 July 2017

Gaming Chair Test 2017: buying guides and chairs in comparison

It's been almost three years, developed when advertised for players office chairs in the race seat design to a trend that has been dismissed by PC gamers be short-lived, yet still continues. Just two Articles (PCGH 11/2014 and 08/2016) confirmed that fitted with supporting plates in the back and seat area chairs are not only suitable for the typical attitude when playing (90 degree backrest position), but also in everyday prove office use as comfortable seating.

Initially, the market for the Gaming Chairs was still manageable, manufacturers such Maxnomic (Need for Seat), DX Racer or via sold AKRacing models were the top dogs among the offered seats for players. With Noble Chairs, nitro Concepts, Vertagear, Thunder X3, Speedlink and Tesoro 2,016 other manufacturers compete since mid for the favor of playing on PC clients. In recent months, many gaming chair manufacturers presented their latest collection. With the latest models, there are differences in the design, choice of colors and materials of the covers, in the basic structure but soft many models only slightly from each other and often have the same features that ensure that the player is sitting ergonomic and stress-free. These include armrests that can be adjusted not only in height, but also horizontally (left / right and front / back) and a lumbar support in the form of a cushion. is on what things when buying a Gaming Chairs have to respect that we show in the next purchase advice we give additional four concrete purchase recommendations.

Table of Contents

Body measurements and weight: The most important criteria when purchasing gaming Chair

The first thing you should do before buying a gaming chairs, is to gather information about the maximum height for the chair is suitable in-law. Unfortunately, there are only a few manufacturers that make such Maxnomic (Need for Seat) or Noble Chairs information about the maximum height and even offer gas springs with different lengths so that different sized players can use a model. If such an indication from the manufacturer / seller of Gaming Chairs can not be found, the sample is sitting is the only way to check whether the chair is suitable for their own body size. That a chair is too small, it can be seen first of all because the mind is above the headrest. Furthermore, the legs extend too far above the seat addition - ideally a two fingers would be wider distance from the edge of the seat surface to the hollow of the knee - so that its edge presses on the underside of the thighs. If the chair is too large, however, it is difficult with the entire sole of the foot touching the ground so you automatically moves with his legs on the seat forward. In addition, the backrest can support not optimal back as their shape and the position of supporting plates do not match the size of the back.

The second fundamental criterion that there are to consider when buying, is to specify the maximum weight load. While the size limit is mentioned in only a few manufacturers, indicating the maximum weight load on the other hand is found in almost every gaming chair. Does the chair carry too much weight - on average hold office chairs for players approximately 120 kg weight - it comes on the one hand to problems with the gas spring. Secondly, the chair loses much of stability, as too much weight pressing against the back or on the front edge of the seat. In addition, also suffer the roles that cushion the tilt mechanism and the whole steel frame Belt construction, when the maximum load is exceeded.

The design, colors and decorations: a matter of taste

Gaming chair test Comfortable playing: The great buying advice for Gaming Chairs (15) Source: PC Games Hardware Although there is a seating and not a piece of clothing at a Gaming Chair, personal taste plays a crucial role. When surface material for rest and seat surfaces thoroughly differences between genuine leather, artificial leather or fabric, for example, in the absorption of sweat or feel of the references can be identified. However, the color, the design of the headrest or supporting plates in the shoulder area as well as applications such as embroidery or logos are always a matter of taste, since each buyer is different preferences. Therefore, the subjective features remain also outside in our buying advice. We are not interested how good and trendy looks a model that matters to us is that you can play with comfortable and ergonomic and work.

Features: These things need a recommended Gaming Chair offer

What roles spare the parquet floor? Which material to the base, pass the frame structure for the seat surface and the backrest and need one necessarily the so-called 4D armrests? We show what features make a Gaming Chair recommended.

The right underbody: not tilt it should be

Gaming chair test play Comfortable: The large purchase advice for Gaming Chairs (2) Source: PC Games Hardware The main reason for the optimal level of a Gaming Chairs is the star base and fixed thereto roles. The material from which the base is made of metal should be die-cast aluminum or even better. In priced models, the star base often consists only of plastic injection molding. This material is relatively stable, but it comes sooner to fatigue fractures or cracks in long-term exposure. In the roles it should be noted that these are smooth, whether they come on hard (parquet / tiles / stone) or soft floors like carpet, PVC or laminate used. Ideally, they also have a locking function that is particularly on hard, slippery floors beneficial. Meanwhile, some manufacturers offer such Maxnomic, DX Racer or AKRracing also known as Blade roles. Whose tread consists, unlike regular rolls, made of rubber, whereby not only the traction rise to smooth surfaces, but at the same time to be spared the ground. Thanks to this rolling characteristics, the blade wheels are suitable primarily for hardwood floors such as laminate and parquet. However, whether it is this appreciation that beats with 40 Euros to the price, really worth, we still need to test it in practice.

Gaming Chair roles compared

Gaming chair test

Gaming chair test

The Sitzmechnanik: Gas Spring (height adjustment) and tilt possibility

Gaming chair test play Comfortable: The large purchase advice for Gaming Chairs (3) Source: PC Games Hardware The gas spring is the key component when it so the weight is about the height adjustment and the maximum load that the office chair has to endure the race seat design. Although the manufacturers / distributors provide details here you should not miss to test how far the height adjustment can extend and which seat height can be adjusted maximum here on a trial sitting. In theory, the optimal seat height is reached when the upper and lower leg at least form an angle of 90 degrees and the front edge of the seat and back of the knee will be straight attitude at the same height. Since an angle greater than 90 degrees is still back friendly, you should also try Moreover, if the height adjustment allows a position which is located 5 to 10 centimeters above their ideal seat height.

Another feature that should provide each Gaming Chair is a tilt mechanism that can be locked in several stages. The tilt mechanism ensures that we can move towards playing away from the monitor or desk without the back is permanently protected from bad posture. It is important that this mechanism is not shaky and has no play. In addition, the chair also has to keep its stable state when the maximum strain on the front edge of the seat, while the tilt mechanism is locked, and the seat assembly tends toward the rear. We recommend a tilt mechanism but only if a mechanism is present in addition, can be adjusted with the resistance of the body weight.

The construction of the seat and backrest

Gaming chair test play Comfortable: The large purchase advice for Gaming Chairs (17) Source: Tesoro The preferred cushioning material for office chairs with Rennsitz look is PU cold foam with different degrees of density (the higher the density, the harder the bearing surface). At recommended models (see Section four buying tips), the basic structure on which rest the related PU cold foam mats, of a steel tube frame with elastic bands. Alternatively, there are also constructions with metal grids or chipboard. Of Gaming Chairs with the latter base structure in the backrest and / or seat unit but we do not recommend starting in general. If you can live with a metal grid structure, usually saves a few euros, anyway, we recommend not least because of ergonomics and comfort, a metal frame elastic band design (see clicking comparison) below. Only by the elastic bands, the foam pad is ideally located on the seat surface and can additionally be optimally regardless of the material of the cover to the buttocks and back shape.

Seat designs in Verglech

Gaming chair test

Gaming chair test
Gaming chair test

The armrests: variable height and position are important

Gaming chair test play Comfortable: The large purchase advice for Gaming Chairs (12) Source: PC Games Hardware An armrest should not be missing in any seating for players and a model is only recommended if the armrests sufficient such as in our saving tip the Tesoro zone balance to a large have come and on the other are adjustable in height. In addition, the supports must also rotate and can be moved from front to back. More expensive models like the Maxnomic Commander SIII / Office Comfort or leather Epic Gaming chair are even equipped with so-called 4D armrests. They have the advantage that they also can be moved from right to left, to make them closer together for players with narrow shoulders. This is the optimal posture while playing and writing of great advantage. In the ideal attitude, whether played or typed in the office, your forearms should in fact been resting on the arms without being moved for mouse actions or typing with all fingers. This attitude avoids the tension in the forearm muscles and wrist.

The seat: room for the rear of the optimal hardness and supportive side bolsters

Gaming chair test play Comfortable: The large purchase advice for Gaming Chairs (13) Source: PC Games Hardware on the Probesitzen no buyer of a gaming chair should be without, which is the first and most important advice when it comes to the size and comfort of the seat. Since there are quite even players with wider rear parts of pure seating area should be for a failed sufficiently wide so that the outer sides of the pelvis and thighs not encounter unpleasant on the side panels. For another, the length dimension has to be right, so that almost the entire underside of the thigh is on the seat - a two to three finger is ideally wide gap between the edge of the seat and back of the knee. Furthermore, one should look to see if the seat sides fulfill their function as a side support for the pelvis. Especially high expansive and not padded seat side can prove to be very uncomfortable when the buttock and thigh muscles lie there and not on the flat portion of the seat.

The backrest: The chief support

Gaming chair test play Comfortable: The large purchase advice for Gaming Chairs (9) Source: PC Games Hardware In addition to the seat unit is the backrest, the most important component when it comes to the comfort and ergonomics of a Gaming Chairs. Which must be positioned in a 90 degree angle to the seat and must not be too short, so the mind completely extends partially or almost the optional equipped with a pillow headrest. Of the optimum length of the back, it also depends on whether the two shoulder cheeks are suitably positioned so that also give the body part really stop because the area between the cheek either too narrow or too wide fails. Furthermore, it must adapt to the form of the backrest to the shape of the back, so this at the typical gamer attitude (90 angle between the thighs and upper body / lower arms are almost completely on the armrests on) is well supported, only then is a very good ergonomics possible. The hardness of the cold foam and the terms of the seat and backrest should correspond to their personal preferences. Who calls a muscular rump narrow his own, perhaps like a soft to medium-hard padding. If the rear end slightly wider and there are fewer muscles a hard padding is comfortable. The orientation on your own preferences is also true for the covers. Not everyone likes leather, because it absorbs sweat faster and is generally more sensitive than vinyl. Others prefer fabric covers, because it is not so warm on them in summer and on the leathers. Since there are many subjective factors in the game, we save a recommendation.

however, in return advised buying a Gaming Chairs, which is equipped with both Maxnomic models with a "real" lumbar / lumbar support. Which ensures that the lumbar region is optimally supported when you press, for example, the pelvis in the gamer attitude towards the back. While much of the manufacturer mitliefern a small pillow to support the loin, when incorporated into the backrest mechanism can (see picture above) the role of rest, on the loin rests, be changed by turning knob from a straight to a convex shape. Such a construction, which is the ultimate in ergonomics, we found in our tests only in the predominantly designed for office use Maxnomic Commander S III and Office Comfort (OFC).


Gaming stool test in 2017

the essentials in brief

  • Playing on the computer is more than just a hobby, it is a passion, and that passion you want of course very happy to pursue with success. Here are several factors have an impact on it and one of these factors is the right gaming chair.
  • The Gamer chair impresses with its very high level of comfort and offers various settings and very soft cushion. This means you have the ability to concentrate for several hours on the game and then still do not get up with completely twisted muscles and severe back pain from the chair.
  • Often a gaming chair also has settings related to the inclination of the seat, the height or the adjustment of the armrests. So you can set it on your own needs go.

Gaming chair test
The Gaming has got a completely new image in recent years. For a long time, you were considered a real nerd with no friends and hobbies, if you have spent your time in front of the PC gaming. Today, however, gaming is something that makes you a really cool person - especially if you can get it - plus develop contacts throughout the world. Whether you but for League of Legends are more the type for Dota 2 and Counter-Strike or: you are not alone. Due to the large community that has formed numerous tournaments and games are held daily. To the middle, rather than just to be there, you need the right gaming chair.

More and more, the scene is professionally oriented and that makes of course also for the products noticeable that can score with a high quality improvement. This is partly also because the benefits go up, if you have a good equipment. This of course includes the comfortable seat. In our gaming chairs Comparison 2017, you can see which models are a good choice for you. With the help of a purchase advice, the decision will fall significantly lighter.

1. When is a chair a gaming chair?

Gaming chair test Gaming chairs are distinguished by their special ergonomic features.

Actually, you can say that a gaming chair basically acts like an office chair. However, there are some differences between these two versions. An office chair, when he has a gamer chair of specific features in terms of ergonomics. Often the properties same also the sports seats of a car. Therefore, it may well be that you encounter a gamer chair also named "Racer-chair." The tubular steel frame is extremely stable and is complemented by a soft padding. Tensioning straps ensure that the cushions are additionally stabilized. So will also prevent you sit through the pads.

As Synthetic leather upper is very often used. but many of the gaming chairs also have a substance that has breathable properties. If you sweat so start playing, because it's so exciting and tiring, then you need to be concerned about them, that sweat is removed.

A lumbar support is a special support for your lower back. This is particularly pressured during permanent seats. Through the support you also prevent possible damage to the spine. That does not mean that you suffer damage without a gaming chair in any case. This is always a question of your attitude and your muscles.

Particularly interesting for a gaming chair, of course, the special settings. These relate to the height, the arm and the angle of inclination of the backrest. Other adjustments can be made. In any good gaming chair test is also made to the individual properties. By the way: The alternative to the gamer's chair is the sound chair.

  • A gaming chair offers a high comfort for gamers evenings
  • They have a very high quality during processing
  • They have an attractive design
  • They are versatile adjustable
  • expensive to purchase

2. The gaming chair types

A real categorization is rather difficult in a gaming chair, since the individual models resemble well. So each chair usually has in a gaming chair test over a height adjustment, armrests and over rollers and a seating function. Differences are primarily in ergonomics. The lumbar support is not used in all models. The headrest or an adjustable seat tilt does not come as standard.

3. The most important purchase criteria for buying a gaming chair

3.1. The adjustment of the seat height

Chairs without manual adjustmentGaming chair test

If you buy a non-adjustable chair, then speak with a seat height of 45 cm from an optimal execution.

Classic office swivel chairs are always adaptable in height. It depends alone to the fact that the desk may have a different height. Moreover, people differ in their size. So the chair must be adjusted. One interesting feature is the fact that many people do not know what the optimum height. This can not be named sweeping. It depends on the height and also on the particular posture. Using a small overview, provides an overview which seat height, purely based on body size, is optimal:

  • 40 cm seat height with a height of 150 cm
  • 42 cm seat height with a height of 155 cm
  • 43 cm seat height with a height of 160 cm
  • 44 cm seat height with a height of 165 cm
  • 46 cm seat height with a height of 170 cm
  • 47 cm seat height with a height of 175 cm
  • 48 cm seat height with a height of 180 cm
  • 50 cm seat height with a height of 185 cm
  • 51 cm seat height with a height of 190 cm
  • 52 cm seat height with a height of 195 cm

Some manufacturers even offer gaming chairs that are specially designed for large players. Differences can be found here at the height and the size of the seat.

3.2. The locking ability of the backrest angle

Gaming chair test Adjustable armrests are unfortunately no standard on most gaming chairs.

Very good it is natural when a gamer chair can be adjusted as possible in all areas. The seatback should be adjusted in its inclination. Often show gaming stool tests that most models are equipped with a tilt function. The lockable recline but not part of standard equipment.

You can benefit from a lockable tilt entirely. They have the advantage that you can adjust the seat back in an optimal position. Another plus: Most Sit with this function can even be set to a slope of up to 180 °. This means for you: Were you able to decide for themselves the game, put your feet up and simply close their eyes.

3.3. Setting the armrests

Armrests belong to a gamer chair easy to do so. After all, it is a personal need to take the arms in the game or during the breaks and relax them. However, some models even have armrests that can be adjusted. So that they can be adapted to your needs. This is a nice additional equipment; but in the buying guides the armrests do not take up as high priority.

3.4. Support for the spine

Gaming chair test Gaming chairs have the advantage that they relieve your spine.

The situation is different even from when supporting your spine. The helpful items that are processed in some gamer chairs, offer significant relief. The lumbar support is provided specifically for the relief of the spine. The small pillow is also an additional padding. If your gaming chair features a headrest, then this may well relieve the back. Take advantage of the headrest during the break and loosen the muscles to avoid cramps.

Many gamers chairs, as well as the models of DXRACER have additional elements on the back and on the sides, so you sit at the game straight.

4. The structure of your gaming chair

You have chosen a model and would like to make your personal gaming chair test. but at the latest after delivery, you are faced with the question of how to actually build this type of chair. Even the best gaming chair will not be set up automatically. Normally, the manufacturers provide a quick tutorial. but you can use the following video take into their own hands to build also:

Tip: Build you should take your time so that nothing can go wrong. Because the chair must be properly configured in order to avoid injury.

5. From Gaming Chair for eSports: support from the manufacturer

They think the manufacturers of gaming chairs have not necessarily make sense to provide a convenient basis for eSports? Then you will at the latest be convinced otherwise if you learn from the following table, how active the marks are in eSports as promoters actually go. The Maxnomic example is the gaming chair on which star players sit at the events on the European scene and headed for their profit.

Selection of sponsored events

Selection of sponsored teams

Note: Are you on one of the major eSports events with it, you can sometimes get at an unbeatable price the equipment. One of the focal points is the ESL One in Cologne.

6. The most important questions and answers about the gamer chair

6.1. What is the opinion of the Stiftung Warentest?

Gaming chair test Perfectly equipped: With the right accessories, the gaming makes twice as much fun.

So far, the Warentest Foundation has no gaming chair compared winner chosen because there are no tests for this particular division. Only desk chairs were tested of 2007. Many of the models could not get any good reviews. However, the models that have performed well, were very expensive. While buying a gaming chair favorably is also a challenge, but it is possible.

6.2. Is there a best gamer chair?

From an optimal gaming chair can then be spoken if the model has a high comfort and an attractive appearance and to even scores with individual adjustment. remains one of the Fnatic one of the best models.

6.3. What is the gaming chair and executive chair differ?

The differences begin already in the design. Here the gamer chair is kept clearly noticeable. When comfort you can, however, each hold a candle because both are designed for a long service.

6.4. I need more equipment?

In addition to the gaming chair, the purchase of a special keyboard and a gaming mouse is recommended. In addition, you are optimally equipped, if you have a good monitor.


Gaming stool test in 2017 # 8211; The best gaming chairs compared

DX racer1 Gaming chair testGaming chair test

The major catalog is the DX racer1 mostly the bestseller under the desk chair category. But this is not the reason why many gaming portals stool test the DX racer1 test winner have voted. Alone the design with the colors red and black the gaming chair lends a sporty undertone. Very comfortable and enjoyable the neck and back cushions, making a longer stay on the gaming chair is possible are. in some Gaming stool test Consumer magazines DX racer1 impressed with first-class workmanship, which is due and qualitative individual components. This can be especially noticeable at high product weight. Thanks to many settings of gamers chair is quickly adjusted to the own claim resulting sitting approaching extremely relaxed. This is racer1 comparison report to the full DX.

DX Racer5 Gaming chair testGaming chair test

The manufacturer Robas Lund excellent gaming manufactures chairs, he introduces the Model DX Racer5 under Evidence. Very subtly the colors are gray and black combined to give the gamer chair also looks sporty and classy. Make no mistake from the sporty look, the model is due to additional cushion on back and neck area very comfortable. In Gaming stool test Portals, the DX Racer5 leave a stable overall impression, which is only accessible by excellent quality. Using the large adjustment range, the gaming chair can be perfectly suited to your own needs. An excellent office chair, which achieved good results in the category price / performance. This is Racer5 comparison report to the full DX.

Gaming chair testGaming chair test

The third position goes to the selfsame manufacturer Robas Lund, so the company has with its gaming chairs it to the top three rankings in our Gaming Chair comparison made. The model DX Racer6 has a sporty, similar to the previous two models. The color combination of black and white can affect the gamer chair Modern and Elegant. From the comfort of her, the model needs before the two Racer cars 1 & 5 not to hide, here let neck and back cushions long gaming sessions make very comfortable. Through a variety of functions such as tilt mechanism, adjustable armrests office chair can not be desired. Also in the points stability, workmanship and quality, the product did not show any deficiencies. Click here for the full DX Racer6 review.

DX Racer3 Gaming chair testGaming chair test

This gaming chair is made entirely of polyurethane and impresses with its elegant design. In this category is the DX Racer3 one of the leading gaming chairs in some gaming stool test portals become. This is not only popular with gamblers, but also in offices or in the home office. The elegantly-held black color makes this the first impression not see any difference to the ordinary executive seats. Of the DX Racer3 provides many functions, such as adjustable armrests, tilt function, or the adjustable backrest at an angle of up to 135 °. The good stability owes the gaming chair the materials used, which were offset selected on quality and design. A recommended gaming chair just for public office life. This is racer1 review of the complete DX.

Gaming stool test criteria of test portals

In many Gaming stool tests assess test magazines down to the last detail the features, quality and comfort. But external reviews as customer Reviews in online shops as well as large vendors be given attention in the gaming stool test. This gaming stool test criteria serve as additional support for our gaming chair comparison and for your confidence in our comparison method and thus your decision on a gaming chair. What is important finally, refer to the following paragraph.

When an online order is a secure packaging significant. Defective parts due to poorly packaged products associated with personal initiative, as this must be notified accordingly and returned. Even if the package has only a small weighting in the overall evaluation, it is nevertheless of value.

Gaming chair testGaming chair test The next point is a CONSTRUCTION understandable and user manual. When building also is the simplicity of importance and whether additional tools are included. Since the assembly is to be done only once, this is not incorporated in the overall with a high proportion.

design & optics is subjective and each user has their own taste. Therefore, we consider the optics with multiple eyes and pull hard Testimonials to this directory. Situation is quite different in the processing from which we intensively inspecting and judging. Witness the wheels of qualitative processing? How is the fabric or leather integrated into the plastic bag? Are the pads firmly attached to appropriate places? Many more points with flow in the evaluation criterion processing.

The Features and functionalities Other important criteria in the test of gamers chairs. be considered while the adjustability of the armrests, backrest, seat height, quality of the roles and the tilt function. The materials used are tested for quality and durability go.

Of the Customer Service Although flows with little weight in the total result, but this is of fundamental importance when buying products on the Internet. The manufacturer or seller must pre- and after purchase, e-mail or fax to be available by telephone and have ready a competent answer to questions. expect a quick response, which is also a high demand for our gaming chair comparison even after years of gaming stool test magazines by the seller when calling.

For evaluation in Value for money We have consulted the suggested retail price and the current price. The ratio between the price and the overall quality, durability and functionality of the product reflects the Price / again.

Not infrequently wear parts for after many years of use. If a wheel loses functionality, which is rare in quality office chairs, is a longer warranty beneficial. Reputable manufacturers offer complete 24 months Warranty on parts. but should spare Parts even after years be acquirable if the warranty is tapped. Thus, you do not need to look for a new gaming chair.

Gaming chair testGaming chair testGaming chair test

Gaming Chair buying online or retailers

You can purchase a gaming chair in two ways, Online on the Internet or in person in specialist shops. Both variants of the purchase have advantages and disadvantages, which becomes ultimately not only the product price noticeable. Gaming stool test Most portals order the products to test over the Internet, due to time savings and cost factor.

Gaming Chair Online

The online product purchase turns out to be very pleasant, because you Time and Ortunabhängig can order the gamer chair. This is just one of many reasons why the world of buying products on the World Wide steadily increasing. You do not go all the way to the retailers, looking for parking and walk not to get stuck in rush-hour traffic hazard. Furthermore, you are not tied to the business opening times. You can take your time and rethink your decision to purchase again without a seller waits for the completion online. You can also thanks to auxiliary Gaming stool test reports and customer reviews rely on honest and praxiserfahrende opinion. Most salesperson working on commission and will tell you exactly brilliant, just your monthly fee increase.

Do not forget to consider the legal return period of 14 days. This gives you the possibility of office chair to test extensively and will notice after a short time if the purchase was the right decision. Many online retailers now offer even volunteered for 30-day return policy.

We advise you in the acquisition of gaming chairs for online purchase. Since the gaming chair is to buy cheaper and more convenient.

Gaming Chair retailers

In stores you have a seller to the side of you (hopefully) supported with honest and lots of information when buying the right office chair. Note that most salespeople work on commission and are thus forced in part to bring the product to the man.

Additional property when purchasing from a retailer to no right of return, this will make dealers mostly on a voluntary basis. Talk to the seller the right to return and let them give the consent in writing.

Another drawback is that you are tied to the opening times of the business, whereas when buying online 24 hours a day have the chance a gaming chair to buy.

The higher price of gaming chairs at the dealer is far more expensive than the Internet because of rental costs for the retail space and staff salaries. In addition, the directions and opening times can not comfortable shopping at as opposed to buying online.

Buyer's Guide of Gaming stool test portals

When purchasing a gaming chair should be your Height and weight meet the minimum requirements, these can be found in our gaming chair comparison reports. There are special gaming chairs for tall people or people with more weight on the ribs. Furthermore, the Height adjustment, wheels, armrests and the tilt function crucial for the right model. Quality differences have gaming stool test magazines essential in ergonomics may find. Here are more tips & Tricks for the right buying decision.

You should always a optimal seat height Set playing or working. This will also depend in each case on the body size and your own preference. For Great People, some companies have special gaming chairs on offer, where the seat is higher by a few centimeters.

Back reclining

Who wants to relax at the same time after a hard day's work while gambling, should resort to a gaming chair with reclining backrest. When DX racer1 the backrest is adjustable, for example to an angle of 135 °. A gaming chair with this function ensures the perfect adaptation to the desired position and can also be used as a relaxing chair.

Of course, the well-being on the gaming chair also supports the performance during gaming, which is why we recommend a gamer chair with adjustable backrest entirely.

adjustable armrests

Especially when holding the PS4 or Xbox One controller arms do not get tired after a long season, but for a gaming chair with adjustable armrests. These provide extra comfort and are usually adjustable in height so that the arms can relax especially in the breaks.

In various models, the armrest can be adjusted, but also individually in other directions not only in height. In this way, many design options for a pleasant season can arrange.

extra pillows

A good gaming chair also has two supportive pillow on the neck and lumbar region. The advantage of these pillows is to promote the upright sitting posture and relaxation during long gaming sessions. Benefit this comes especially people with back problems and those who already spend due to office work several hours in an office chair.

There is also the possibility of the pillows as needed individually at.

Gaming Chair structure

A gaming chair should be set up quickly and easily. These are three components of distress: The tool is in the delivery, including a manual on a "step by step" and a sophisticated design of the individual components.

The screwing together goes with gaming chairs to be very simple and untalented also normally craftsmen should not present insurmountable problems.

The importance of a gaming chair

Most gamers spend a long time in front of the computer and the almost motionless. The time passes very quickly and Pain in the neck or back make only really noticeable when standing up. If gambling is a regular event, the body is wear resistant damage it. This applies not only gamers, but also people work that much at your desk without worrying about the ergonomic seating position.

But what the correct sitting position when an uncomfortable office chair contributes to the cause. This also applies to low-quality office chairs double-digit price range, for this low price must and you simply can not expect a quality gamer chair. Even an expensive designer or dining room chair does not do justice to the comfort of a high gaming chair. The comparison winners DX racer1 provides excellent comfort with supportive cushions in the back and neck area. Invest just once in an office chair and thanks to the high quality processing for years no second chair. Just because of your health, you should not save in the wrong places, because health is the highest good of a person.

Gaming chair testGaming chair testGaming chair test

We subjected for you the best gamer chairs a detailed comparison and according to the criteria Comfort, workmanship, durability, design, service, and many other points more valued. This you do not have to visit numerous comparison portals and to browse through the vast amounts of test reports. We have the gaming stool test results compressed in a comparison table housed, thereby providing a quick overview of the characteristics of the individual products is to get.

A high-quality gaming chair is important for your well-being and not only while gambling. In the long run a low-priced product harmful to the back, which can have a negative influence in everyday life.

Gaming Chair functionalities

A gamer chair offers Wealth of configuration options for a pleasant seating comfort during gaming or working. What these are, we show you in the following section:

Gaming chair armrests

Gaming chair testGaming chair test The armrests have a higher priority than for office workers for gamers. In the office, the desk area is used as an armrest often, gamblers, however, have playing on a Playstation another posture. to keep the controller for hours in hand, can be tiring, so armrests are a useful component. Good Gaming chairs have height adjustable armrests. with even better chairs even the armrests surface can be rotated in any direction. This allows even better opportunities for relaxation after a long game sessions and is useful not only for hardcore gamers.

Gaming chair backrest

How to sit properly is enormous important for the spine and supports the back. which is exposed to high loads in everyday life. Therefore, the backrest should be shaped accordingly to ensure optimal seating position. Gaming chairs tiltable backrests Not for nothing are particularly popular because the back seat sit after a long period very contributes to relaxation. When gamers purchase on chair associated Neck and lumbar pad. because they support you in the correct seating position and also offer even more comfort. In many Gaming stool test we were able to experience the difference with and without cushions the hard way especially after a long seat life.

Gaming chair tilt mechanism

The tilt mechanism supports a gaming chair dynamic sitting. This will always remain in motion and does not stiffen in the same sitting position. In this case, move the seat back to the rear and the seat forward of time. After long hours of gaming, the tilt function is a welcome change, which promotes blood circulation and relieves the spine.

Setting gaming chair in 5 steps

For maximum comfort, the swivel chair should be set correctly according to your height. This not only ensures well-being while gambling, but also protects the back and shoulder from warping. To sit on your gaming desk chair, pay attention primarily on a straight sitting position. Adjust the backrest to the initial position and walk up the five steps regardless of your desk before.

the armrests

On Gaming stool test Pages were all individually adjustable armrests in height. That was very important to us because after long gaming sessions, the hands and arms need an extra relaxation. The armrest height you have set correctly if your arm is at a 90 degree angle on the armrest. The armrest height should be adjusted so that you will not hit the edge of his desk. If the armrest is not set up properly, this can adversely affect the shoulder and neck muscles. Therefore, take enough time for this, since such small things can get extremely positive impact on your health.

The seat height

Adjust the seat height that Their soles can fully touch the floor. while the knee position should not be above your hips. If you follow these guidelines regarding the seat height, you can stretch your knees or just hold, depending on how you feel more comfortable. However, do not stay for a long period Stiff in the same position, but move your feet to the blood circulation to promote.

The backrest

The angle of the backrest should ideally for upright posture contribute. Thus, the spine is optimally supported and the entire body relieved. we recommend the dynamic back at a seat for several hours. This allows you to lie back to relax briefly or hold a little nap. Make sure when dynamic tilt on the seat height, if necessary, you must readjust it.

The seat depth

For very expensive gaming chairs, even the seat depth is adjustable. This is of particular benefit larger people because the thigh can be accommodated at an additional seat depth. Between the knee and sitting you should, at best, 6 to 8 cm distance leave n. This will protect your knees, as this body area is considered sensitive.

Back and neck cushions

Priced higher lying gaming chairs support the neck and back area with additional pillows. Ideally, the neck cushion between the cervical spine and head should be. Especially in the beginning you will need some time until you find the optimum position.

The back cushion supports the lumbar region, which should reach to the belt portion. Good Gaming chairs have adjustable backrest cushions, which you can customize to your needs. Usually, all pads are reordered.

Advantages of gaming chairs

The gaming chairs from our comparison table not only look good, they also increase considerably the comfort while playing or working. With numerous functionalities such as tilting backrest or adjustable armrests gamer chairs are also customizable. What advantages gaming chairs still have, you know, following in this section:

Quality gaming chairs are also equipped with supporting lumbar and neck cushions, these offer especially during long gaming sessions prima seating comfort. Because prolonged sitting is not good for the back, load the tilting backrest to relax. At the height-adjustable armrests you can rest your arms which fatigued by the maintenance of PS4 or Xbox controllers.

Lots Gaming stool test Consumer portals have shown that the seat cushion pleasantly adapts to the sitting position. Furthermore, built the cushion structure so that the correct sitting is conveyed on the computer chair. Through excellent seating comfort especially our gaming chair has shone winner in 2017, which is why we want to emphasize this here.

Gaming chair testGaming chair test

Gamer chairs stand out not only by the seat comfort of regular office chairs from, but also provide its unusual design a cool atmosphere while gambling. The hard-shell design is similar to the seat of a race car, which is emphasized by sporty color combinations again. Unlike the sporty models, there are gaming chairs for the conservative daily office life, made of leather and completely in black. In more and more boardrooms are found gaming chairs, which has spread thanks to the best seat characteristics.

Easy to clean

Gaming chairs are thanks to the materials used in leather, polyester or polyurethane particularly resistant and easy to clean. And plastic components in the gaming chair can be quickly liberate with a damp cloth of dirt or impurities.

If several people use a gaming chair in a household is the flexible adjustability of great advantage. Thus, it is possible that children can use a gaming chair together just like adults. Even small, large, heavy and light man came also the flexibility benefit. A further advantage is the price, which is brought about by dispensing of a second gaming chair.

The fabric upholstery and the positioning of the pads and cushions of gaming chairs are designed to be a tireless playing or working is encouraged. This in turn has a positive effect on the gaming out. Moreover, the use of a gaming chair at work promotes better working results thanks to work more efficiently.

If your home office area and the gaming space are located in two different rooms, you need at best, only an office chair instead of two. Due to the wheels, a gaming chair can be easily transported through rooms. Even at work, this is an advantage because nowadays an office worker needs to be flexible and because meetings often change their room.

Another benefit are the back support seat features a gaming chair, which is an essential criterion in the gaming stool test by many test pages. Since gaming session can even go on for hours, a healthy sitting position must be guaranteed. This primarily affects the spine in Länden- and neck area. The office use also protects the health of employees, the pay back this fact by fewer sick days and more productivity.

TÜV Certified Gaming Chairs

Chairs in the office sector as the executive chair, office chair or gaming chair are tested by TÜV ergonomics back. It makes no difference whether the Office chairs are intended for home use or for the office. The retailer Amazon awards for all gaming chairs from home Robas Lund even 30 day return policy and extends the legal return period by a further 16 days.

Gaming chair testGaming chair testGaming chair test

Leather or fabric in the gaming chair

There are some points that you should consider when buying a gaming chair, this includes the selection of the reference. For gamers chairs we distinguish between fabrics and leathers, which differ in appearance and climate characteristics. In the following paragraph it comes to illustrate the advantages and disadvantages and thus give you a better decision possibility.

Properties of plastic or leather

Gaming chair testGaming chair test A gaming chair with faux leather looks high quality and is also inexpensive to produce, but is this not very breathable. Therefore, the body begins during long gaming sessions more quickly to sweat, causing unpleasant sweat stains occur. This can be extremely annoying, especially at higher summer temperatures during prolonged gaming.

Leatherette is thanks to the smooth easy to clean surface. With appropriate budget agent spray and wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Properties of fabric

Fabric covers are breathable. which does not begin to sweat even with prolonged sitting of the body. Even at high temperatures, it does not come to perspiration, which is a big advantage over synthetic leather.

Stains can easily stick to a fabric than is the case with the leather. However, these are easy to remove using an appropriate detergent. Who holds against his gaming area clean, will have no problems with stains or other dirt spots problems.

Footbase a gaming chair

Earlier office chairs were fitted as standard chairs with four legs, which is why the name star base is still used today. Today gaming chairs are For security and stability reasons, with 5 feet installed.

The height adjustability owes the gaming chair a Gas spring. by which the height can be adjusted to your needs. The mechanism for adjusting the individual components such as arm, backrest and seat depth is above the pressure spring.

The material of the Fußkreuzes usually consists of plastic, in which a ring of metal prevents sagging during the height adjustment. Where the foot cross was black Available only in color, today there are no limits. You can purchase a gaming chair with different color patterns.

Gaming chair castors

Gaming chair testGaming chair test Office chair roles should be selected depending on the type of floor, the only way you can expect the best rolling characteristics and needs. Today, so-called Castor rolls installed, which have properties in all directions to roll. Moreover, the wheels are stopped at idle, until the weight brakes are loosened. This has the gaming chair from rolling arrive at the slightest advantage. This can happen especially just before sitting down, which is also one of the points that are tested by the TÜV.

Gaming chair rollers are available for different soil hardness such as carpet, laminate, parquet or tiles. Roles for hard surfaces have a yielding outer material which ensures mainly the hard floor from scratches and streaks. The wheels can differ on the color marking: Hard floor casters are two-colored, soft-bottom rollers contrast color.

Make sure before buying always, on which floor you want to use your gaming chair. A soft roller can lose on very hot days of strength and the carpet withdraw the threads. Not easy to clean traces on the needle felt, which may remain due to the softened rubber. Especially persons weighing over 110 kg cause more pressure on the ground, which can lead to difficulties.

Gaming chair castors differ not only by the color coding, but also to the diameter. usually have Hard floor rollers a diameter of 50 mm. which is also suitable for needle felting. The larger rolls of 65 mm are recommended for carpets. by the threads can not be so easily hang what protects the carpet as well as the office chair casters.

The wheels have been extensively compared to robustness and processing system and can easily affect the overall evaluation for each denomination. The rollers are wearing parts and are subjected to high loads over the years, so you should always bring the price of spare rolls before the gaming chair purchase in experience. We have many Gaming stool test out pages and this have if only considers low weight for the overall score.

Buy cheap spare rolls never, in our comparison of these have failed sufficiently to the touch. Always contact the gaming chair manufacturer, which has mostly spare parts for spare parts in its warehouse.

TIP. If you do not want to replace the original rolls, an office chair lends itself to soil protection here. These have depending on soil type, such as parquet or carpeted different embodiments and must be purchased accordingly.

Office chair mat or floor mats for the Gaming Chair

When buying a gaming chair, you might be asking whether a floor mat makes sense. If you do not like scratches on the floor and place value on your carpet, then certainly, otherwise an office chair mat is just a waste of money. The purpose of a protective mat is to protect the expensive parquet, laminate or carpet from the rolls of the gaming chair. This is because while rolling all castor wheels hold the direction of movement and thus short slide, which may leave marks on wood. The more body weight rests on the gaming chair, the more this effect. The scratch marks will come after a certain time and use more and more in evidence what visual point of view does not look particularly nice. As you know, the exchange of laminate is labor intensive, therefore, be smart and invest in a good gaming chair pad. We can for hard floors recommend the office chair floor mat transparent.

Who has moved rather than laminate or parquet a carpet gets two disadvantages when buying a gaming chair. First rolling on the carpet is not as easy as on a special protective mat because the carpet fibers resist. Therefore, you need to use more force to change the gamer chair position. Secondly catch when rolling lint and hairs in the wheels, which must be laboriously removed and contributes to the damage to the carpet. For the backing on the carpet, we therefore recommend the product office chair floor mat transparent for carpets.

Conclusion: The advantage of office chair mats is the better movement, optimally designed rolling characteristics. In order not to obscure the beautiful color application from the floor or carpet, there is the possibility to acquire a transparent protective floor mat. But the most important aspect of a floor mat is to protect not only the expensive laminate, tiles, parquet or carpet but also the longevity of the gaming chair.

Provide cushion for gaming chairs more comfortable?

For normal dining chairs seat cushions are certainly useful, but it may not offer at gaming chairs the added value. That on a high-quality gaming chair, the seat pad is sufficiently padded. If you are due to the feeling of sitting on your office chair feel that you need a seat cushion, we can only advise. Buy rather a new gaming chair, as a seat cushion may adversely affect currently sitting posture may.

Decisive is the padding of the seat. If you bring some more weight on the scale, then we recommend a tougher seat pad. In contrast, underweight a softer seat is better. Too hard seat areas of the body can not ideal sink and in the long term this can lead to pain due to pressure points. Also, a person can not sit too long in concert on a hard surface. With too soft sit on the body sinks too deep into the seat cushion, whereby the material can not react point elastic on the pressure points. Consequences for too long seat life are bad climate characteristics and pain in the back or buttocks area.

However, if you feel sitting back pain after a few minutes, should be concerned about other seating. Many doctors recommend here a sitting ball with orthopedic properties. Also known as exercise balls, these seat cushions are filled with air, making them individually can be adapted to your needs. Not for nothing is this fitness ball is also used in physiotherapy, sports and in the gym used. At the same time stabilize so your spine and train the abdominal and back muscles.

Gaming Chair Cleaning and Maintenance

Depending on the reference material Gaming chairs are released on different ways of impurities. The covers can be divided roughly into leather and textile covers, both payment and differ not only in nursing, but also by climate characteristics, appearance and quality.

leather upholstery look classy and are more expensive than gaming chairs with fabric covers to buy. Genuine leather lasts longer, that fact will depend on regular care. Good leather cleaner can be found in stores or on Amazon.

at fabric upholstery man sweats thanks to the air circulation and thus good climate characteristics less. For this stain light in microfibres easier liable as on leather, which is also rauszuwaschen difficult. With special detergents while you create your gaming chair with fabric upholstery like new make them look. With severe contamination, contact the manufacturer, they usually have substitutes in stock.

Alternatively, you can protect your gaming chair with an extra coat, then you need to buy a special detergent and your office chair remains new & clean as the first day. The plastic can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Previously, the cloth should be dipped with corresponding means in lukewarm water. Lukewarm water and special means to ensure that dirt particles more quickly and easily detached from the plastic.

What to do if the gaming chair creaks?

If a newly appointed gaming chair while trying creaking noises are from, you use the 14-day return period, which you are entitled to by law. Assuming you have purchased your gaming chair online. This is a great advantage compared to buying in stores, prices in the online shop are many times cheaper than in the shop for office chairs.

at all Gaming stool test Pages have been no strange noises during testing seats of the chairs recommended by us. If they own and your computer chair for over a longer period it starts to creak, the cause may be in the Dirt on the rollers lie. Check the wheels on dirt particles and remove them immediately. Damaged wheels can be exchanged during the warranty period. Outside the warranty period, a broken bike should not be a big problem because replacement wheels to buy very cheap in stores.

If the noise does not come from the wheels, this may be due to the mechanics. For this, take Feinmaschinen- or sewing machine oil and lubricate the noise-causing area carefully with the agent. It may take some time until the oil penetrates into every corner, so you should continue to test the gaming chair to rattle and possibly re-oil the bodies.

What differentiates a gaming chair from an executive chair?

Many gamers do not know the difference between a gaming chair and executive chair. If the gamer is looking for a gaming chair, he looks for the term executive chair. That a gaming chair is different from a executive chair, many guessed only at the exact terms. In the following section, we will elaborate on the differences between these two types of office chair and make you the advantages and disadvantages in terms of comfort while gambling before.

executive chair

An executive chair is defined as a normal office chair, but having a wider seat. In addition, this is usually covered in leather and makes a higher quality impression as normal chairs for the office. An executive chair you will not find in a sporty variant as it is to be found in the gamer chair. Furthermore, the armrests are not adjustable to the extent that while the armrests rotary and flexible Adjustable the right gaming chair. For the gambling goes a executive chair, but these are mostly used in the office.

Gaming chair

The gaming chair has been specifically designed for gamers and functional style. The look is inspired by racing seats from motorsport and accordingly provides a sporty look. Furthermore, let sporty seats more color variations as office chairs, which usually look simple. The surface is usually made of fabric. If you prefer a gaming leather chair, should be able to find on Amazon. Gamer chairs have been designed specifically for gamers and therefore have additional features and comfortable cushion for the neck and back.

Note, however, that not every gaming chair complies with what it promises. We have the best products to an intensive Gaming Chair comparison subject and encourage you to be guided by our comparative results and reports.

Conclusions from the comparison

A gaming chair is flexible in functionality and configuration options, has a more sporty touch and is available in several color combinations. The executive chair, however, is elegant brown or black in the execution and in the colors. To emphasize the high quality, executive chairs are covered in leather or synthetic leather.

For gamers speaks clearly of the gaming chair. Thanks to flexible ways of adjusting the gamer chair offers more comfort for long hours of play. Furthermore, this is also suitable for the office or home office, because in simple black differs this nearly indistinguishable from an executive chair.

Cheap Gaming chairs are harmful

The human body is created by its basic form here so that he can travel up to 50 km every day mating. At the present time but we spend most of their time sitting or lying, whether at work, watching television or relaxing on the couch. To counteract this, especially sports activities are essential.

Too many seats can have a negative impact by uncomfortable gaming chairs on the back, posture and joints. Therefore, you should refrain from cost gaming chairs, because they do not get close to the quality and comfort of the high-quality models. Although a bit more expensive priced gaming chair does not reduce the seat time but it promotes through individual settings, the upright sitting position.

More tips for your health

  • Make every 1.5 hours, a break of 15 minutes.
  • Take advantage of the breaks for activities like running or workout. A walk outdoors can provide much for refreshing atmosphere and relaxation.

A height-adjustable table is another option for ergonomic work or gaming.

To receive no health disadvantages caused by sitting for long periods, a high-quality gaming chair is especially during gaming duty. Nothing can in the long run to pay more than to invest in their own health.

Gaming chair with a herniated disc?

Many adults suffer from pain in the back area, which has many causes. Through the many sitting on the workplace or at home watching TV this circumstance is also sponsored more than relieved. Today's enterprises a great responsibility it is allocated. Because the employer must provide quality office chairs and training for the correct setting and sitting on an office chair. It costs anything more money, but in the long term, a company can save costs by motivated and healthy employees. Consequences due to cheap office chairs and wrong seats are herniated discs, tension and damage to the spine.

Especially if you have a herniated disc, you should use a qualitative gaming chair. Not only in the gaming scene, but also in the home office, you can benefit from the advantages of a gaming chair. For serious cases, there are so-called disc chairs, which separately support the intervertebral discs.

If you have a herniated disc, you look for in a gaming chair tilting backrest, height-adjustable seat surface, supportive cushions and armrests with adjustment functions. For this, we can recommend to our winner, which in many Gaming stool test sides of the Gaming Chair winner has become. This came out on top in the points Comfort, quality, functionality and price / performance in the overall result.

The worker spends the most time on the office chair, therefore, how to sit properly and quality chairs of enormous importance for the morale and motivation of the employee.

Gaming chair testGaming chair testGaming chair test


Gaming stool test # 8211; Best Gaming Chair of DXRACER

DXRACER gaming chairs for the perfect posture

At the beginning in our Gaming stool test do we have the assembling rated. After quality control we have finally been looking into the ergonomics. Because the First Commandment when gaming stool test and the purchase of a chair ergonomics. The perfect gaming chair is from an artistic synergy Functionality, ergonomics and design . It looks dazzling, accentuated by exciting colors and shapes its purpose, which is beyond the staid office work, but can be as good use as a office chair and easy on the body for many hours. A test takes into account all these aspects and lets them in the overall assessment incorporated on the grade and quality of the gaming chair with.

The advisor # 8211; Buy Gaming Chair / PC chair

Which DXRACER for me is the right one?

The models of the DXRACER differ not only in design but also in the optimization to the height and body weight. Here is a small graphical overview for guidance.

Gaming chair test

Formula Series (F-series)

The F-Series characterized by the sporty look and the high comfort out. Even with the equipment, can the Formula series impressive. The series features a tilt mechanism and a locking function. These chairs have an adjustable backrest, almost until the reclined can be tilted.

This series is for narrow and small to standard height.

The following values ​​are recommended:

  • Weight: up to 85 kg
  • Size: up to 185 cm

Our price tip in Gaming Chair test of DXRACER 1 belongs to the F-series, as well as the DXRACER. 5

Racing Series (R-series)

As the name of the series suggests, the optics of the R Series complete the Rennsitz optics modeled. Also, in these chairs the comfort not neglected, so the comfortable work or dragons is guaranteed.

When furnishing Gaming has chair, DXRACER typical standard functions. For example, the tilt mechanism, the parking function, the adjustable backrest and adjustable armrests.

The frame consists of sturdy steel tube frame, characterized the load capacity is at about 90 to 115 kg depending on the chair model. Of the Gamer Chair is designed for a body size up to a maximum of 185 cm.

  • Weight: 90 # 8211; 115 kg
  • Size: max. 185 cm

Wide series (W-Series)

The W Series characterized not only by the equipment, but also by the resilience and the width of. The gaming chairs are with Luffing and Caps Lock fitted. Additionally, it has Wide series a sun function. These mechanisms are standard in the DXRACER armchairs. In addition, the models of the W-Series have extra large wheels with a diameter 7.5 cm. This guarantees a comfortable Moving with the chair.

As the name indicates, # 8222; Wide # 8220; For # 8222; the width # 8220 ;. The manufacturer recommends a # 8222; normal # 8220; Height and a # 8222; normal # 8220; body weight for optimal use of the chair. In values, it would look like this:

  • Weight: 90 # 8211; 115 kg
  • Size: 170 # 8211; 190 cm

Our Award winner in the gaming stool test the DXRACER 12 is part of the W series.

Drifting Series (D series)

The D-Series is a mixture between the F-series, and W-series. The technical equipment is typical DXRACER very extensive. The Drifting series has the same features as the F-series, but has higher capacity.

The manufacturer recommends a # 8222; normal # 8220; Height and # 8222; normal # 8220; body weight .
Concretely, in figures, this means:

  • Weight: up to 90 kg
  • Size: up to 190 cm

Here, for example, to recommend to the DXRACER 11 or DXRACER third

Why buy a DXRACER gaming chair?

Gaming chair testThe company DXRACER was launched in the year of 2003. The interesting thing, at that time no one thought PC gaming chairs produce, because before the company produced respective sports seats for racing cars. This could already great quality and convince processing. was unique ideas DXRACER leader among automotive suppliers. Soon, the company discovered the potential gaming market for themselves. The experience of the manufacture of sports seats was incorporated DXRACER in the development of its gaming chairs. Now, as gamers were able to enjoy the high-quality chairs that particularly through its comfortable ergonomics bribe.


  • ... a high backrest
  • ... adjustable angle of the backrest (up to 170 degrees)
  • ... a headrest
  • ... the opportunity to bring the backrest into the reclining position
  • ... makes a damper with gas pressure adjusted in height
  • ... armrests that can be changed 8 times
  • ... makes a tilt mechanism, but also find themselves
  • ... a four-star aluminum
  • ... a robust steel frame
  • ... ergonomic seats, which can be customized to the user's individual needs


The term derives from the Greek, from Ergon (= work) and Nomos (= rule, law). So translated it means something like "rule of Work". and says those rules that you should take in terms of posture to heart so as not to have to suffer a lumbago someday.


The human body, especially his Back muscles, vertebrae and intervertebral discs. make no difference between professional office work and hobby gaming. Sitting is sitting. And incorrect sitting is always harmful, no matter why. In most cases, there are back pain. werden.Die triggered by ergonomic error in the sitting posture insurance estimate that by back problems the Federal Republic of Germany economic damage of more than 17 billion euros caused by absenteeism # 8211; yearly. Who pursues anyway already an office job and then have to spend a hobby more daylight hours to gamble, asks for incorrect seating a howling back out downright. It can even shorten life expectancy as such. if you flays the skeleton for years with false postures! Therefore, it is absolutely unacceptable to sit to play on makeshift objects like bean bags or wooden dining chairs. have wooden chairs none of the spine corresponding curved backrest and are inflexible. while beanbags offer even form the skeleton does not stop. With such habits the first herniated disc would be only a matter of time.

Basic requirements in the gaming stool test

Each chair for long periods of sitting has the same ergonomic requirements meet. This must also consider a gaming stool test or while shopping. Essential are the following criteria for consideration:

Curvature of the seat back

The upholstery of a gaming chair may be soft and comfortable, but more importantly is always that the shape of the backrest with the natural Double S-curve of the human spine corresponds. In this way prevents the back somewhere special unpleasant presses or the other way around no support gives.

Stabilization of the lumbar and cervical spine

Above all, these two areas are particularly vulnerable: The lumbar vertebrae in the lower sacrum are mechanically subjected to the greatest load and may not slide or bend. Many back problems do in fact lower back near the sacrum noticeable. Remedy by additional curvature to the lower backrest. which supports the lumbar region of the seated person and prevents the lower back slipping backwards, which can happen, especially when leaning forward. Likewise, the Head should at hours of gaming Reduce neck muscle fatigue are supported. The neck will thank one!

Individual adaptation options

The body must never be forced into unnatural or unfavorable attitudes. Since gamers different sizes and proportions have, you should at a Gaming stool test Also make sure that everything is adjustable. This applies, of course, primarily the seat height, you should always have the soles full contact with the ground. while eyes level with the upper edge of the screen must be located. With most chairs can be the seat height in the area between 40 and 60 cm adjusted above the ground. The height adjustability of most office chairs and gaming takes place today by gas. Further marginal adjustments relate to the armrests and headrest.

Every time you let yourself fall into the chair, reflects a hard seat with inadequate suspension the force back to the buttocks and into the spine. In the long run can therefore mere sitting down are painful. the gaming chair test, so take care that the seat is well padded and feathered.


To remember that one is of course, a Gaming Chair for home alone heard, and you always used only one. While the chairs are occasionally or regularly exchanged by the management office, must the gamblers acquire its new gaming chairs themselves. Since it would be good if the current chair on which you settle down could last long enough for a gamer life. While one is responsible for the sustainable stability of the chair to a large extent, such as soft as opposed to sitting down Niederplumpsen, the chairs do but also himself from a difference in their design and their materials.

At each gaming stool test should Maximum load of the chair in kilograms (KG) be specified. A good gaming chair should 120 kilograms can handle to stay for most people over very long periods of time available.

Some brands also offer Special models for "giant" at. The chairs in this category are then specifically for people with a size of about 180 cm and weighing more than 150 kg been made.

An incidental quality feature is here is the relationship between strength and weight are: The higher the rating at all the lower weight, the higher the quality. Because it shows that you have installed wiser material for good statics for such chairs. An example of good use of materials provides a hub made of aluminum instead of plastic. The metal is much more stable, but does not make the chair still too heavy. Generally one can say that metal always beats plastic, when it comes to stability. You explore at a Gaming stool test So then, even if a metal frame is integrated into the chairs.

Subordinate aspects gamers stool test

Rather negligible criteria when gaming stool test are as follows: Although the armrests provide additional comfort, but a diligent gamer usually places both forearms on the table anyway, not the chair backs off. This is due to the use of both hands on the keyboard, mouse, controller, joystick or steering wheel. Unless, of course, the table with the computer and the keyboard would be very narrow, so that the keyboard should be placed almost to the front edge.

Then the arms would avoid no room on the table surface and would have on the armrests. Some armrests have a concave surface. in which the arms can be laid. Good padding protect permanently the underside of the arms. In any case armrests are a comfortable function. It is better if the armrests both can move up and down and forward and adjust rear. to each person on the chair and her body measurements to meet.

background noise

Some noise-sensitive gamers # 8211; So those who always explore also like to quieter fans and graphics cards in the PC case # 8211; may certainly also value the fact that the chair not flashy squeaks or creaks when turning and rocking. After all one of them, the noise on ergonomics. However, many gamers wear headphones while playing # 8211; or an entire headset for communication in multiplayer. the sound effects were so equipped drown out any noise while playing anyway. Nevertheless, manufacturers must also pay attention to suspicious noises, so in this respect in high-quality chairs no reason for concern .


Likewise, the tilt function, so the rearwardly inclinable backrest. hardly relevant when gaming stool test, although mandatory for good ergonomic notes, but for a gamer, that they shall never sit back while gambling in general. More likely is the unhealthy leaning forward that brings the eyes too close to the screen. Unfortunately, there are no chairs with a kind of lock that prevent leaning forward. must here create the design of the computer table and the preparation of the monitor remedy.
In some high-quality chairs, the backrest can be tilted back to the horizontal. Pictures of it then you see at a gaming stool test, which suggest that they could sleep in the chair. However, that is a maximum of a nap between suitable. because no matter how good chair can replace a comfortable bed. And want to sleep in chairs safely few gamers see unless you on a LAN Party .

tilt mechanism

How important a gamer is the tilt mechanism, everyone must decide for themselves. Some prefer to be quiet and focused on the task, while others happily in front and bounce back when them times a spectacular headshot succeeded again. is definitely the tilt mechanism in combination with a locking function (The bobbing blocked) in the built most good gaming chairs .

And of course a gaming chair should be mobile on wheels. A quality feature would be here the scratch freedom of the rollers. So the guarantee that they like even on smooth surfaces Parquet or laminate leaving no permanent scratches or similar damage .

Breathability of the seat

Also only convenient feature is the breathability of the seat and backrest: Especially in summer it is good if it can breathe and the skin of the thighs, the buttocks and the back, if it rests with the clothing on air-permeable material.

The difference with the PC chair: Design for gamers

Gaming chair testThe most significant difference between gaming and office chairs is probably the visual design be. What would make it visually overexcited in the office (although the best gaming chairs would compete with the best ergonomic executive seats easily at any time), is just right for your own home hobby. Gamer chairs are characterized by strong colors and daring turns in Design .

The color selection covers almost all needs and tastes. But it would be worth it in any case when buying a gaming chair, to make explorations in coloring. Sometimes it might be possible that one may wish for other colors than those in the pictures. The most commonly used color for gaming chairs, as with the office chairs Color: Black. However, often with a striking secondary color for optical emphasis, e.g. Red. But beauty is purely subjective. which is why at the colors also recommend wide Fächerungen in the gaming chairs.

The material provides a further Comfort and design aspect the gaming stool test is. Should it be made of leather or fabric? Fabric is mostly office chairs synthetic or semi-synthetic, with a blend of cotton and polyester. contrast leather ensures a comfortable seat sensation due to its smooth, robust surface and stands for high quality. For this, however, it is not breathable. Also, one should pay attention to whether they are dealing with real or synthetic leather in the gaming stool test. Real leather may be cheaper and available certainly, but synthetically produced leather is animal friendly. Also Seating can now be vegan or not. And finally, leather can also warm up faster than substance, which may pleasant or disturbing depending on the season.

Gaming chair testFinally, the design of the forms of backrest and seat in combination with the colors can drive pretty bizarre, exciting flowers. Some gaming chairs like visually almost indistinguishable from office chairs, since the ergonomic requirements are nearly identical. But other chairs respond very unusual the flavors of many gamblers or their ego in order to find appropriate buyers. For example, some gaming chairs are shaped like the seats in a race car. which of course those gamers who like playing with a steering wheel Racing Games, benefit. This is no accident, because many manufacturers of the driver sitting inside of racing cars or classics were inspired.

Other Gaming Chairs remember again to command seat of a spaceship. so you can better empathize with a choice of games of Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect- or Halo series. Quite a few gamblers would surely find it cool to be able to turn around once in a lifetime like a supervillain in a fancy seat.

Gaming chair testadditions

Many other gaming chairs are also characterized by Edges of the backrest, which extend forwardly. or padding at the edges of the backrest. Thus, sitting in the chair person of the back is a little enclosed in a Kule. This is a purely optical aspect which is not meant to prevent that it tilts laterally during sudden impotence out of the chair. For that conventional arms are still better. No, this feature is simply the coolness owed and still gives a little more comfort. Other features which are typical in chair design, are studded surveys on the seat, which usually protrude diamond-shaped. This makes the chair feels under the seat flesh something real, while the spaces between the elevations for better ventilation.

Overall, one can say that the design of a true, uncompromised gaming chair is many things, only one not boring. The appearance of the chairs would be much too exciting for the office, and will have to sit in a chair so as to fill the seat of a cockpit before the next dive.

Recommended manufacturer of DX Racer Gaming Chair

Chair is not the same chair - the perfect place for real gamer
When choosing the right chair to gamble you lose fast times an overview. We have therefore summarized for you compact and clear the essential information about the biggest and most popular gaming chair manufacturer.

Maxnomic - with a love of the environment

The first feature of Maxnomic gaming chairs is already in the name.
"Maxnomic" contains the English term ergonomic, in German: ergonomic .
Here, much emphasis is placed on a healthy back specify what is to be achieved by a sufficient back support by Maxnomic gamer chairs.
In addition Maxnomic sets much emphasis on the environment. which is why instead of real leather quality vinyl is used.
In order to take is to avoid that chemicals are discharged from cheap leather, on the other hand, that animals suffer. The seat of Maxnomic located in Germany .
Apart from the ecological aspect, the synthetic leather is easy to clean with a microfiber cloth, that provides good hygiene, unlike with fabric-covered office chairs, which have also the disadvantage liquids such. B. absorb sweat.
It arises in a coated fabric gaming chair as a problem when the coffee is spilled times, as these are not so easy to clean as a gaming chair, which with high synthetic leather is busy.
Since the chairs only exclusively in the NeedforSeat Shops buy, expert advice is guaranteed, as the team itself daily uses the intrinsic goods by its own account and is the ideal partner for questions. This is an advantage over a purchase from an online store, which offers a wide variety of goods, and so can not advise in each category with expert knowledge.
There is also a 2-year warranty In any Maxnomic gamer chair.
Of designs Maxnomics simply has to freaking out and colorful to offer a wide range of the online store.

Vertagear - simple and flexible

Vertagear Gamer Chairs come along with a simple and classic look.
The design is inspired by Vertagear customers like and is open to requests and suggestions. In addition, Vertagear attaches great importance to a good ergonomics their Gaming Chairs. Furthermore, the Vertagear chairs score with a relatively low price. Thus, for example the chair of the row move "Racing Series" in a pricing range of about 300-430 euros, compared with other gamers chair party is not too expensive.
A gamer chair of Vertagear can a weight of up to 150 kg hold.
come ergonomic chairs with two pillows, one for the lumbar region and one for the neck. An optimal support of the spine is given.
The Vertagear Gaming chairs can be adjusted up to 170 degrees and feature a tilt function. as well as 4-D-armrests. which can be adjusted to the height of the cover. The seat of the Vertagear Gaming provides chairs, just like the back, lots of space.
So Vertagear, with its chairs not only a excellent comfort. but also a good functionality .

By the way: If you are unsure when choosing your chair, Vertagear provides a handy tool that helps you to find the perfect gaming chair for you.
Should you, however, prefer to look elsewhere, for example, because you are looking for cheaper deals, you can z. B.'ll find it on

Akracing - good for the whole spine

Akracing Gaming Chairs stand out because of its futuristic design. This is to Chairs highest quality. which also are environmentally friendly. Sun is also running in genuine leather High-quality leatherette used. In addition to environmental friendliness, the focus at Akracing is a set attractive design and good functionality .
The gaming chairs come to Sweden, just like Vertagear gaming chair, with a Lumbar and a neck pillow and are ergonomic extremely advantageous, further, the gamer chair offers a wide seat. The backs are also in the height adjustable. In addition, has the Akracing gamer chair about
3-D-armrests. Also a tilt function is given. The load capacity of the armchair is 150 kg.

Gaming Chair DXRACER - ergonomic and stylish

DXRACER which also based in Sweden have to work with the motto that an ergonomic chair valuable also to better productivity and thus leads to a higher power.
This should the Gamer chairs DXRACER guarantee. With a high back, which is also adjustable in width, the back should be strengthened. On Neck and lumbar pillow is included also in DXRACER gaming chair, so that an optimum support is available.
Also DXRACER draws, just like Maxnomic, Vertagear and Akracing high quality synthetic leather the leather before.
From classically elegant look to exciting designs is at DXRACER more. The design is based on the remainder DXRACER the seats of racing cars. since DXRACER was formerly responsible for this production.
Is priced in DXRACER relatively affordable range the gaming chairs. Thus, the prices of most armchair keep in a frame of about 260 to 550 Euro.
Unlike the aforementioned gamer chairs DX Racer holds but only 120 kg instead of 150 kg out. Pan he can, however, also, up to 170 degrees.
Gaming chairs DXRACER, unlike, for example, the chairs of Maxnomic, even outside their own shops available, for example, on Amazon. A cheap gaming chair alternative.

Noble Chair - if you like extravagant

Both Gaming chairs from Noble Chair the name says - the chairs have a classic luxurious look and come very noble therefore.
For the production of gamers chairs only the finest leather used which additionally refine the optics.
The design of the gaming chairs is also not chosen at random. When designing itself was here based on the optics of a seat in a luxury sports cars. This look is enhanced by a fine, subtle, yet highly visible, branding. Color stick Noble Chair armchair in a range of black to brown. the latest collection of gaming chairs transmits the sounds brown-black and brown-beige. both of which create a very elegant look. Colors such as red or green are used sparingly at Noble Chair what Noble Chair gaming chairs to good choice for those power that it more classic and restrained to like.
Special colors such as orange and deviating from the standard Noble Chair designs can be found only at the Special Editions in the shop. Outside the Noble Chair online stores, for example, on Amazon, Noble Chair Gaming can be found armchair.
The company's headquarters is located in Germany. where the chairs are machined so that no structural defects can occur and you get a safe, high quality product.

What price is the really sufficient?

Gaming is a billion dollar market, and no market without manufacturer for essential accessories. Meanwhile, many companies have realized that gaming is not a niche hobby for secluded basement gamers, but professional attention earned. That's why today there are several companies, some of which produce and to only those accessories including chairs for gamers distribute. To cheaper providers include, among others HJH, Kiebel, Maxstore, Mysit and Terena. Their chairs sometimes cost less than 100 euros, but do not have the ergonomic aspects mentioned above or only partially. Therefore chairs are recommended in this price range only for occasional gamers who will not sit long in one place.

Gaming chair testFirst from a value of 200 euros and more can be expected right, ergonomic chairs that will fully meet the dedicated gamers. The best providers of this are DXRACER. Akracing and Noble Chairs. be herehigh grade offered chairs worth between 200 and 400 euros. with all the extras and comfort functions. Add to that the longer shelf life of the products of these vendors. the more expensive chairs are therefore cheaper in the long term because they are usable for many years and need not be exchanged in between.

Gaming stool test: Recommendation DX Racer

Therefore, the unconditional recommendation goes out to all gamers that you definitely DXRACER, Noble Chairs and Akracing should prefer an absolutely-quality gaming stool test. Officially convey DX Racer and Akracing Although the impression that their chairs are suitable for racing games primarily, but in practical terms it makes little difference what games you play in these chairs. A hectic first-person shooter or a fighting game you can play on the "Racing Chair" just as good.

The manufacturers of the chairs are also in the E-sports scene no strangers. Similarly, the put the mice, keyboards and headsets for the e-sports are available as the hardware companies, the PC Chair companies act as a kind of sponsor for the event. E-sportsmen swear on the ergonomic chairs, because they train every day behind the scenes at the prestigious tournaments for years continuously to reach the highest leagues. There are professional training camp and coaches especially for those teams, and therefore it is important that None of the athletes gambles back by false chairs broken .

Gaming chairs for consoles

Gaming chair test Not all gaming chairs are designed as office chairs. For all the enthusiasm for the PC must not be forgotten that a very large proportion of all gamers play worldwide on consoles, especially the Playstation, XBox and Wii. These are mostly offices consoles for which you do not sit down at a desk. That is why the concept of gaming chairs for consoles is also slightly different.

These chairs are more reminiscent Armchairs for office chairs, and users sit in them usually sit back. In addition to the chair configuration, it is inherent in the gaming chairs for consoles that in them Speakers and connectors for the controller and headphones installed are. So the chairs represent an interface between the cables of the console and the input and output devices for the user.

Extravagant gaming chairs

Gaming chair test

Finally it should be said that even gaming chairs are not on the head births of some visionaries immune who like to put extravagant, extra expensive and extra crazy gaming chairs in the world. Neither one will find these chairs at each provider, yet she could not afford any. For completeness, but they are briefly mentioned.

The Emperor Workstation for example, connects the chair with the hardware. A PC is already built into the chair, and the monitors hanging from a bow. which extends over the back to the front, in front of the face of the user. Disadvantage of such gaming chairs that have integrated the hardware in itself. However, the rapid aging: Is the hardware is no longer up to date, and they can be difficult or impossible to exchange, the remaining chair obsolete just as quickly. Professional gamers and gamers tinker the upgrade because anyway their own computers and without pre-assembly line productions or integrated PC.

Other Gaming Chairs act as simulators using a movable seat. Flips in a racing game based in the same direction in which the driver's seat would tilt under realistic physical conditions at the same moment of the game. The same is true for flight simulators. where a fully flexible seat is proper also that responds appropriately to every movement of the aircraft.

Chairs for a new culture

The gaming stool test is a specially adapted product for a modern hobby of millions of people around the globe. Gaming # 8211; So playing virtual computer and console games # 8211; has its roots in the last decades of the 20th century, but recognized as a well-established hobby and as a sport until after the turn of the millennium. The gaming industry is a global billion-turnover, and on channels like YouTube and Twitch to gamers rise to true pop stars. Both national and global levels scrape called YouTuber millions of fans around him who subscribe to their videos and watch them play. The most successful among them combine nearly 50 million subscribers worldwide. And also German-speaking Let's players attract an audience of millions. How popular can still be one thing if even millions of people just watch other people in the exercise of this matter?

Meanwhile also E-sports tournaments held. where professional, sponsored gamers compete individually or in teams against each other. Often takes the place as well in boxing matches in big arenas and with live commentary. But with the difference that even the best gamers professionals not sit differently from ordinary office workers on chairs. And Youtuber and live streamer perform their duties usually sitting # 8211; just like them and their fans probably mostly in watch sitting in front of the PC become.

Let # 8217; s Plays

It was joked times over Let's Plays. that they are as useful as watching someone in the restaurant in how this someone her own food, for you yourself come here himself eats and you just here watching. Whether sense or nonsense, all this can not hide that the culture of gamers is exercised in the seats. From the developers, the program sitting in offices the games to the players themselves, the playing these games sitting .

So lively and varied that gaming as a hobby or sport brain may be, if only to be mere spectators, yet the ergonomic pitfalls must be considered as any sedentary activity actually represents a failure to act on the body. In a gaming stool test next to the trendy look and Futurism mainly the same health requirements are made as to the conventional office chair.

Facts about the hobby gaming

That gaming has long been no edge culture avid gamer anymore, but has taken the center of society, is also reflected in the statistics on gaming: spending, according to a study published in 2014 average German gambler 104 minutes daily with gaming. Mind you, only the average gamer, so this bill all concludes with a playing on a trial basis or for reasons of time much shorter. On the other hand, this means that there are also many gamblers who gamble much longer, much longer than 104 minutes before the screen. This average per se thus does not reveal how massive the eruptions may be away from the mean value for some gamers up.

How much sitting a player?

Another study from the US has calculated that Hardcore and professional gamers even to playing 50 hours. After all, this means a playing time of more than two full days in a row without interruption. Who could # 8211; or want # 8211; two days at a stretch like to sit in an office chair still? On an annual basis, this means that one spends more than 104 days, or around one third of the year with gambling. And now you have to add in thought, what can do to a man 104 days, which is not properly during this time. So you should give the highest priority to ergonomics when gamers chair test as in the office chairs. as gaming because of its Kurzweil lets gamers have no idea how wrong they could sit.

That excessive gaming can not be guessed those affected, how much time passes, confirm reports of tragic deaths, mostly in the Far East (especially South Korea), where gamblers went after two days of continuous play at home or in an Internet café at a premature heart attack based. The time can thus fly at gaming. And health coincide with when you are sitting all this time in a false, crooked posture.

Average age

Also interesting is the average age of gamers, and its development. It continues to grow, adapts more and more to demographic average population at. Meanwhile, there is in Germany 32 years. A clear indication that people who had discovered the Gaming ten to twenty years as a student or students themselves, held this hobby alive and continue to operate as an adult. One reason is the diversification of the game: There are today for all the right genre, whether first-person shooter, third-person action games, adventures, puzzles games, role playing, racing games, strategy games, games in between and games a week-long, if not require months of dedication. But advancing age is only one more reason to get serious deal with the ergonomics of gaming chairs. To avoid unpleasant surprises later in the gamer life. A gaming stool test with price comparison helps in decision making.

Your perfect gaming chair!

Gaming chair test


Gamer chair 2017 Test - comparisons. com

The DX gamer chair comes complete with neck and back cushions. In addition, the armrests are infinitely adjustable in height.

The anti-shock protection prevents the backrest strikes against the back once the lock is released.

The DX Racer 5 gamer chair is equipped with a reclining function and comes with two support cushions.

The hjh Gaming Chair enjoys an exceptionally high back, which also offers great people comfortable seating.

This gaming office chair has upholstered armrests and a high back that particularly supports the lumbar spine.

  • TÜV tested
  • Height adjustable armrests
  • Back to about 180 ° adjustable
  • Gas spring is TÜV ?? checked
  • designed for high load
  • Hard floor casters
  • included spare screws
  • TÜV tested
  • Tilt mechanism is adjustable to Körpergwicht
  • Adjustable backrest up to 180 °
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Multifunctional roles
  • For those with height 150 ?? 190 cm suitable
  • sturdy leatherette
  • padded armrests
  • also suitable as an office chair

The gamer chair compared winner offers high quality and thoughtful details, such as the adjustment of the backrest and armrests. He looks good in the home office and in gaming.

The Amstyle Gaming Chair cuts in gamer chair comparison from the price-performance winner. Its high capacity and the recommended daily sitting time of 8 hours make it a sporty all-rounder for the office and home.

This gaming chair is the slimmer version of the comparison champion gamer chair. The included cushions act as lumbar support and support healthy sitting posture.

The hjh gaming chair features sophisticated details such as the self-braking multifunctional roles and the tilt function. Here, the individual's body weight can be adjusted. The sporty design is an eye-catcher on every desk.

This office chair from the house hjh brings gaming flair to the home office. His sporting imitation leather cover makes it convenient for gamers chair.

Function and design

On gamer chair is a substantially office chair. but which has some unique features. He often looks due to the special ergonomic shape like a bucket seat of a race car and is therefore also called Racer Racing stool or chair.

The base frame is in contrast to conventional office chair Most of sturdy steel which has been coated with the upholstery. In addition, the seat and the backrest is divided on many models in various regions which differ in material and strength. So every body part gets the right stability and even sitting for hours on a fall gamer chair playing easy. The remuneration of the popular gaming chairs are either made of artificial leather, which of course emphasizes the sporty design, or breathable polyester fabric.

Also have gaming chairs, as well as quality office chairs should have a special lumbar support. The lumbar spine is located directly above the tailbone and starts during prolonged sitting to hurt mostly first. This is because the natural curvature of the spine is not guaranteed and must assume the muscles that work. On good gamer chair provides a reinforcement of the seat to be in this area, so that the back is relieved naturally.

In addition, records of Best Gamer Chair their versatile adjustment possibilities. While conventional office chairs often are adjustable only in height, Gaming chairs can be almost completely adjusted to height and weight. In addition to the height for high-quality models, such as our Gamer chair compared winner, the DX racer1 gamer chair, the armrests and the backrest can be adjusted individually.

Gaming chair test


Gaming chair test


Gaming chair test


Gamer Chair: Advantages and Disadvantages

easy tool case

High-priced than conventional office chairs

Gamer chair or office chair?

Gaming chairs are also as office chair available for the home office. Since the individual gaming chairs in the main features are very similar, a precise definition is difficult. The best compromise gamer chair and office chair in the Gamer Chair comparison provides the hjh gamer chair. This takes the form of an office chair, but works through the red leatherette same time very athletic and is ideal for gaming. In addition, the high quality padded backrest supports the lumbar spine.

However, some functions and features are common to all of us compared models:

  • armrests available
  • Headrest integrated into the backrest
  • Seat height adjustment
  • tilt function
  • Turnstile with five plastic rollers

The differences between the gaming and office chairs are ultimately in detail: In particular, the aforementioned lumbar support is not available on all models. If you have a Order online gamer chair. has not this function, this does not mean a restriction of your health. indicate many manufacturers as a guide, which time can be sat daily in the chair. On cheap gamer chair is designed, for example, for two to three hours, while a Professional gamer chair for up to 8 hours can provide good seating comfort.

Gaming chair test


Gaming chair test


Buyer's Guide: The details make the difference

In classic office chairs a height-adjustable seat has long been standard, so it is the Gamer chair purchase provided by many users. In fact, the Gamer Chair comparison revealed that all are adjustable in height with each other compared Gamer chairs. However, the individual models differ in the exact amount. What height is individually needed depends on the one hand, of course, from the height from, on the other hand however, the preferred posture. While fans PS4 Games usually sit tilted forward and have no or a low table in front of him, is sometimes used an upright posture while gambling at the computer, because the gamer sitting at the desk. A detailed guide to finding the right seat position can be found below under "Tips and tricks for the gamer chair ".

Adjustable backrest

While the seat height is adjustable to each of our gaming chairs, have only three models via a lockable backrest, including the Compare winner Gaming Chair RX racer1. and our price-performance winner, Amstyle gamer chair. This also has a so-called anti-shock protection, which prevents the back unpleasant beats upon dissolution of the lock against the back. The individual inclination of the back is a crucial detail, especially for large people, as only such a medically safe seating position can be found and possible long-term damage to the spine and intervertebral discs is prevented.

The tilting function (all models available) also increases the sitting comfort. So by gezockten nights, nothing stands in the way.

Height adjustment of the armrests

An office chair with armrests is not only a very comfortable seat, but the armrests are an important factor in the ergonomically best sitting posture. Our Compare winner Racing chair has the only one on the way to optimally adjust the armrests in height. This can be advantageous when the racing chair is used eight hours a day or longer.

integrated lumbar support?

The lumbar support is either a cushion, as in DX Racing chairs, or a specially reinforced area in the lower part of the backrest. Good Gamer Chairs also strengthened the side, so that the spine with a stable all-round protection and no damage occurs even during long gaming sessions. As explained above, particularly of the lumbar region is sensitive and whether, particularly strained during prolonged sitting, playing or during office work.

Is there a Stiftung Warentest gamers stool test?

Stiftung Warentest is one of the most prestigious testing organizations and worked for years in consumer protection. The foundation is testing products from different areas and are in addition to valuable tips on handling and use and advice on health risks, which are very important, for example for allergy sufferers or people with intolerances. The special area of ​​the gamer and Racing chairs was not by Stiftung Warentest still a Gamer stool test treated. Therefore we can also not Gamer stool test winner presenting the Foundation. On Desk chair test was published in 2007 in issue 5/2007:

  • Safety deficiencies: When buy office chair should be paid to good quality. Is the Cheap office chair. is according to Stiftung Warentest the risk that the gas spring used for adjusting the seat height mightiness. Of the Value for money Amstyle gamer chair has a TÜV-tested gas spring and is therefore very safe in this regard.
  • Adjustability: Stiftung Warentest comes to the same conclusion as of the best office chair be individually adjusted to the user, both in height and in the inclination of the backrest. also are optimally adjustable armrests. Make your own test!
  • Try it: Whether your Order online office chair or purchased commercially; of the office chair should be intuitive to use and comfortable for you. Show not afraid to ask for special equipment or send the model back if you do not feel comfortable with it.

These tips apply according to Stiftung Warentest for desktop and office chairs, but can also be found with regard to a Gamer stool test Application.

Gamer chair winner often just "fake"?

On the web, many content romp, such as a Gamer Chair comparison or a so-called Gamer stool test. The increasingly leads to uncertainty among consumers as rare an honest gamer stool test behind it. Accordingly, it is important to us that our readers get only honest and in-depth content with us. If you want to buy a gaming chair, you can count on our gamer chair buying guide. We deliver a real gamer chair Comparison and no "fake" Gamer stool test with "fake" Gamer stool test winner. In addition, please contact us well-researched information about your desired product.

buy the best gaming chair?

Finally, we would like to advise our Bewertungskritieren for our gamers chair to look at that you only the best Buy gamer chair. by eighth comparative winner on our gaming chair. also our gamer chair Bestsellers for a small price (value for money) is always worth buying. So the gamer chair cheap and still good!

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