Soreness Therapy

21 October 2017

A sore muscles makes no special treatment is necessary, as it is harmless and usually subside muscle pain without permanent damage within a few days by itself.

If you partout Not want to miss out on training with the soreness continues, it is important that the make training easy and any Avoid force loads (Such as in loose or cycling exercises in water).

in addition heat applications effective remedy for sore muscles: Warm baths, for example, rosemary or pine needles, and the sauna provide better blood flow to the muscles and speed up the healing process so affected. Massages, however, include Not to what helps against aching muscles - especially during the pain phase is inadvisable massages.

More than give up your workout (or convert at least) to be treated and the muscle with heat, is for sore muscles for treatment unnecessary. However, you can try the motion pain by carefully passive stretching temporarily weaken. And if you have severe pain, you can light Painkiller taking. Targeted medicines against aching muscles but are Not available.

There are several useful tips to soreness, prevention example, you can of harmless muscle injury by the body to new patterns of movement slowly introduce.

It is also important that you avoid fatigue of the muscles. For an insufficiently trained and overworked muscles are especially prone to soreness.

Besides are indications that cold baths decrease (at water temperatures of less than 15 degrees Celsius) after exercise muscle soreness: Some athletes use this method to prevent muscle pain or to treat and speed up the recovery time.

Warming up and stretching can a sore against it Not prevention - are on sports but still makes sense to reduce the risk of muscle strains.


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