Ganglion (ganglion): nodules under the skin

21 October 2017

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A ganglion (ganglion) is a common but harmless nodular changes under the skin in the area of ​​a joint capsule or tendon sheath - for example on the finger, knee or hand. 

Especially often a ganglion forms on the wrist or fingers: The bone spur is even common benign soft tissue tumor of the hand. The word tumor is however to be understood in the sense of swelling or tissue formation - with cancer has a ganglion Nothing to do!

When ganglion forms under the skin a liquid-filled chamber, which is connected to the underlying joint capsule or tendon sheath. The thus formed nodules can reach the size of a pea or cherry. In addition to his hand a bone spur may be linked to other joints, such as the foot or knee, can occur.

In many cases a ganglion prepares no discomfort, but provides for those affected "only" a cosmetic problem - because the small nodules are often seen under the skin and to feel. However pushes the ganglion on a nerve, arise even, load-dependent up to very strong, radiating pain. A pressure or numbness is possible.

Why are increasingly forming new joint fluid in a ganglion and then breaks into the surrounding soft tissue, is not yet clearly understood. Possible causes are, among others, questioned congenital disorders. In addition, overloads can damage the joint capsule and foster a bone spur.

The term "ganglion" is used in medicine for two different things: in surgery and orthopedics are called ganglion a fluid-filled cyst, which is connected to the underlying joint capsule or tendon sheath. Colloquially, these nodules are also known as ganglion. 

A Assembly of nerve cells in the peripheral nervous system is also called ganglion. This leads to a thickening of the nerve, which is why you also "ganglion" can speak. 

A ganglion - ie a bone spur - to diagnose, can further technical aids such as ultrasound or X are used in addition to the physical examination. It is important to distinguish the ganglion of other tumors or diseases.

If complaints have little or no exist, it is possible in a ganglion, with the therapy wait, because: In many cases, ganglion are self-limiting (spontaneous). If the symptoms are more pronounced or the mobility limited by the bone spur, come for treatment initially non-operative measures question (such as physical therapy, medication).

this is not sufficient, you can ganglion in a surgery remove. Usually About legs have a good prognosis - but they can recur after successful treatment or spontaneous decline.

The good news: Almost every third ganglion wrist back, for example, will disappear without treatment by itself: back - Sometimes the ganglion spontaneously forms - so all by itself.


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