Whiplash (whiplash injury)

21 October 2017

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Every day pass numerous rear-end collisions on German roads - among other reasons because the required distance to the vehicle ahead is not met. Accident sequence number 1 is the whiplash. When whiplash is one of the most controversial medical conditions at all. In circumstances available to affected several thousand euros for pain and suffering to - but the medical evidence turns out often difficult. 

In general, referred to as whiplash injury to the cervical spine (cervical), which is caused by a sudden movement of the head. Strictly speaking, the term describes "whiplash" So no fixed disease, but only the the accident. Doctors often speak of a Whiplash injury or Acceleration trauma of the cervical spine.

Rear-end collisions or sports injuries (such as when martial arts) are typical examples of how the accident happened in a whiplash: You can cause the cervical spine in the short term overstretched and then very strongly bent becomes. The possible consequences of such a whiplash, varies and depends on many factors - in a car accident, for example,

The Treatment of whiplash is usually conservative - without surgery. Concerned should be little burden, yet keep head and neck movement. Physiotherapy may be protect the treatment and relieve the symptoms. There are no serious injuries, sufferers can get in their daily lives again - bed rest or neck braces are required only in severe cases. 

In some individuals, the symptoms of whiplash can chronic run. Sometimes psychological factors seem to play a role. The after-effects of accidents shock, concern for health or other reasons can cause sufferers assume a posture and strengthens perceive pain.

How often a whiplash injury is chronic and what proportion have mental reasons is strong controversial.

People with whiplash can patients with chronic disease a so-called "pain memory" develop - that is, changes in the nervous metabolism. This can be maintained even in some cases pain when the accident is recent.


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