Diabetes insipidus: diabetes insipidus renal

21 October 2017

The against the centrally induced diabetes insipidus used therapy (i.e., the deficiency of the hormone ADH fix) is rather rare in Diabetes insipidus renal ineffective because: The disturbed control of fluid secretion is not caused by a hormone deficiency but is kidney conditions: The kidney itself does not respond to the existing ADH on.

Even when diabetes insipidus renal therapy depends to a large extent on the reason from. If the fault to an elevated concentration of calcium in the blood (so-called. hypercalcemiadue) is the case (which is often), it may be sufficient for treatment to lower calcium levels: Often, the diabetes insipidus then regresses.

Otherwise targets in diabetes insipidus renal therapy out from that to increase excretion of sodium by the kidneys and so the resumption (so-called. reabsorption) of water to increase in the body. To achieve this, you get diuretics, that promote sodium excretion: so-called thiazide diuretics. If you are on a controlled sodium diet simultaneously, the blood volume decreases and there is consequently an increased reabsorption of salt and water in the kidney. Even a reduced protein intake may help insipidus in kidney-related diabetes, to reduce the amount of excreted urine.


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