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20 July 2017

DX Racer 1: Gaming chair at a special price at Amazon

The DX Racer 1 Amazon currently has a high-quality gaming chair available. The price is 50 percent below the recommended retail price.

Gaming chair amazon

As for name and design, the gaming chair the company office chair aimed clear to fans of racing games. Visually, the DX Racer 1 recalls the bucket seats of sports cars. But the gaming chair convinces not only by the chic faux leather look. The Amazon customers praise the majority of the comfort of the gaming chair. Both the height and the angle of the backrest can be adjusted continuously. The manufacturer recommends a maximum useful life of two to three hours daily. However, users report that a prolonged use without problems is possible. For especially large or heavy gamers, however, the chair is not suitable. The height should not exceed 1.85 meters, the maximum permissible weight is 100 kg.

DX Racer 1 Amazon

Amazon, the price of the DX Racer 1 is currently only 208 euros. That's half the recommended retail price. The manufacturer's warranty amounts to two years. The chair weighs 26 kg and is delivered disassembled. Amazon Prime members the shipping is free as usual. More details can be found on Amazon.

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Gaming chair amazon

Gaming chair


"MC Racer 5" Gaming chair 127.23 € [Amazon]

embarrassing, but will find its buyer

the istn normal office chair with "racing seat-colored" and side bolsters that are superfluous anyway due to lack of centrifugal force.

the pillow is the coronation of this masterpiece.

see beautiful and good chairs different. is only for poser. (Also not real leather, is it?)

by comparison,…uhl
not even the most beautiful chair but has what - look for 10 seconds. okay, that cushion you have to have to buy for the back, but who really needs it? and looks fairly serious. the part up there is carrying the polyester suits for people.

Yes, when mounting the seat on a wheel stand. OK. then ists ne nice thing, but not on the height and with wheels underneath.

And finally, my final mustard: armrests for office / rotation / Gaming chairs are superfluous!

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DXRACER 5 Gaming Chair

Product description

DXRACER 5 # 8211; Made to convince!

Gaming chair amazonWho does not know it? a new desk chair in the hope of finally being able to spend comfortable hours before the PC without you buy to be plagued by back pain. But in the end you will be disappointed again. The despair is great.
Do not present a gaming chair will convince you: the DXRACER 5 from the F-Series. The brand DXRACER stands for highestquality and a reasonable price-performance ratio. The gaming chair. Racer Look "is available in the color combination black / gray. At first glance, it convinces particularly by its sportiness. Unlike the DXRACER 1 confident of DXRACER 5 through a simpledesign from gray and black reference, characterized less obtrusive and more easily combined with the housing means. The special design was inspired by a bucket seat.

The total height of the chair is 132cm. It weighs 26kg. The manufacturer promises a TÜV-testedproduct with 2 years warranty.

Gaming chair amazonThe purpose of a gaming chair is to allow the gamer a good seating position for hours. Why was the DXRACER 5 under scientificrecommendations manufactured.

The seat comfort DXRACER 5 is very high, for which, inter alia, ergonomicshape responsibility of the chair. In addition, he can be due to its shape and the numerous configuration options as back-friendly and. describe healthy "chair. Supporting a health-givingattitude also affects the everyday life of that positive. In addition, the circulation in the legs is not affected. The additional head and lumbar cushions can be individually adjusted according to taste, increase as the seating comfort of the player.


Gaming chair amazonOf the DXRACER 5 impresses with its robust design and its qualityprocessing. There are exclusively selected materials used to provide a perfectmechanism to grant. The chair has a, from the Racing technology developed, tubular steel frame. As padding cold foam is used, which allows together with the cover made of 100% polyester has a high degree of comfort. The supplied head and lumbar cushions are made of artificial leather. For one solidStop ensures the turnstile made of nylon. The five double security roles with a diameter of 5 cm can be rolled easily.


Of the DXRACER 5 is rotatable about 360 degrees. It also has a specialheight adjustment. Often there is the problem that the overall height adjustment of chairs often not ideal fits the desk. Of the DXRACER 5 overcomes this problem with a 8-levelHöhenverstellbarkeitssystem. which is caused by the column of air-lift pump. The 8-step system ranges from 42cm to 52cm. The amount is, therefore, to personalcomfort sensations customizable. By unentspanntes seats, it comes in many cases to neck and back pain.

Gaming chair amazonThe extremely high backrest is up to 135 degrees tiltable, so the gaming chair almost reclined can be set. The chair also has a tilt function and the associated activatable Caps Lock. With a seat surface of the 52x45cm DXRACER 5 can with a body weight of up 100 kg be loaded. And the armrests are height to be adjusted so that even with optimal settings thewrists are protected. In addition, the armrests are horizontalswiveling. perfect to suit the circumstances. TheSoftpad Pads on the armrests are very comfortable and easy on the elbow. Therubber padsontheturnstile above the rollers to avoid slipping of the feet.

Price-performance ratio

For an unbeatable price, the buyer gets a versatile functional gaming chair, with above-average comfort. In addition, the chair has additional features such as the adjustment of the armrests on the horizontal plane or an 8-level height adjustment. Such special extras will hardly find in a preisgünstigerem model. Therefore, the price for this model class is justified.

thanks takes delivery of the DXRACER 5 usually 1 # 8211; 2 days. Through the thoughtful installation instructions and a quick-to-understand illustrations of the chair is built very quickly. Pitching time varies mount the chair according to the number of persons.

Gaming chair amazonIn summary, we can the DXRACER 5 a clearbuy recommendation pronounce. This gaming chair convinces not only by its above averageseating comfort. but also by many already mentioned extras. Starting with the high-qualityprocessing. see use of the materials, to the optimumadaptability. such as. the adjustment of the armrests on the horizontal position.

The price-performance ratio is unbeatable. For this price obtains a gaming chair class the offers everything you could wish for a gaming chair. Although cheaper variants are more attractive at first glance, one should remember that these models are often not durable. Therefore, it makes more sense to make some extra money in a Premium model to invest than having to repeatedly set a new chair.

price comparison


Test: The best gaming chair to gamble!

If you watching more often professional gamblers when streaming or large events like Dreamhack or the Intel Extreme Masters pursued, you will certainly need one or the other crazy gaming chair have discovered in the background. Here, you guys have asked you that:

"What a gaming chair to use for as the pro gamers. "

Klaro: These smart solve Gamer Chairs (rightly!) A large "Who-will-factor "From you! The specially designed for professional gamers computer chairs provide great comfort for gaming and a stunning design. Meanwhile, there are many manufacturers of gaming chairs (such as DXRACER or AKRacing), as well as huge price ranges. To help you in your buying decision I make in the following best gaming chairs on the market before and recommend you the best choice for every budget!

Why do you need one at all gaming chair?

Through my own gaming career (hey, after all, times European champion in Unreal Tournament Domination) I have learned one thing: We spend so much time on the computer - Matches, training, scrims, Stream view - that we, with all peripherals and hardware No compromise should be received. This means, for example, a really good mechanical keyboard like the Razer BlackWidow costs only 100 €; that we hew to a thousand times a day, buying a really good keyboard should be mandatory. It is the same with the mouse. the headset. the computer, the mouse pad - and the Gaming Chair !

Even though I thus sound like an old man, but: The health of your spine is important. If you eight hours a day (OMG !! NERDS 1) sits on the PC, an incorrect attitude in a cheap computer chair can permanently have dire consequences. Therefore, a request: Invests 50 to 100 € more for a clever gaming chair before you damage it bears. Look at it positively - in a hot gaming chair you sit a lot more comfortable, and your friends will make envious eyes ��

What makes a good gaming chair?

The general rule: Those who buy cheap, buy twice. There are so many rickety gaming chairs out there that you have to be really careful. we therefore when purchasing the best gaming chair must pay attention to the following things:

The best gaming chair must, of course, extremely stable (even with "fuller" gamblers). An Insecure chair evidence of poor workmanship and annoying in continuous use. Poorly processed seams or inadequate materials are unfortunately widespread.

Some gamers are thin shirts, some have rather "thick bones" (D) of too much fast food. A good gaming chair must be able to have a perfect ergonomics for long Bonanza sessions, suitable for the particular body shape. Especially important is a good comfort in the lumbar spine and head.

Setting the chair as frags in the game: The more, the better! The right gaming chair need adjustment for any height. Really good gamer seats allow a completely flat adjustable backrest, for example, if you look after half a lap CS: GO would stretch short.

The Best Gaming Chair: My recommendations

Now you go down to business. The following gaming chairs all I can highly recommend. What gaming chair purchased by the following ye will depend on your personal preferences and your budget. Anyway you do with any of these computer seats a miss - and bad Gaming Chairs unfortunately there en masse on the market.

Recommended gaming chairs come mainly from two manufacturers: DXRACER & AKRacing. Not without reason one finds chairs of these two manufacturers in 95% of all gaming houses and big events. Therefore, I will show you in the following section in my opinion, each two best models of these manufacturers, I can recommend from personal experience without restriction:

1. DX Racer F-Series

Gaming chair amazon

The best for me Gaming Chair is the F-Series DX Racer. Many of you, this PC-based will be familiar because it is used for example in the NA LCS in League of Legends from the pros. As many pro-gamers have this chair, and for good reason! The stepless adjustment are terrific and you're sitting even during long sessions Bonanza very good. Pillows and a tilt function are also to be mentioned positively. Further evidence of the quality: this DX-Racer Gaming Chair is TÜV approved. So who wants to have exactly the same chair as the gaming professionals should definitely watch this gamer chair!

The price: The F-Series currently costs € 245 cheap on Amazon and is used among others in the NA LCS.

2. AKRacing Premium Series

Gaming chair amazon

The AKRacing Premium Series is the hottest for me gaming chair in the current AKRacing lineup. Although AKRacing is fairly new on the European market, their chairs are yet to settle in a similar league as DXRACER. Here, too, get their computer seats with excellent components that are ideally suited for gaming continuous use. The Premium series is designed by the metal base and the central pressure column extremely stable and up to 150kg - which is confirmed by the TÜV Süd. Even the official gaming chair of Ninjas in Pajamas is part of AKRacing Premium Series, which also the thickest Friberg (no offense: D) can still sit comfortably. The chic color combination of AKRacing is currently available for a very good price, which is significantly below the price - strike!

The price: The AKRacing Premium currently costs € 280 on Amazon and is used among other things as the official gaming chair of Ninjas in Pajamas.

3. DX Racer D-Series

Gaming chair amazon

For all gamers among us who like it a bit more comfortable: The D-Series DX Racer is the gaming chair of DXRACER, which places a strong focus on comfort. Designed as a modern "executive chairs", he has a longer seat of 50cm, and an additional padding at the side and back. The target group is therefore gamers who like to spend time over eight hours a day in front of the computer (comes even provided it: D). The D-Series is the official gaming chair of the European LCS - and the reasons! Again, the TÜV was able to stick to it his seal. For those who like it more comfortable, but still want to benefit from the same quality as the professionals, this gaming chair, with its faux leather surface is the right choice. Even if it is slightly more expensive - the D-Series is excellent workmanship and the money worth!

The price: The D-Series currently costs € 250 on Amazon and is used among others in the EU LCS.

4. AKRacing Prime Series

Gaming chair amazon

The AKRacing Prime series is based heavily on DXRACER F model, so that a very similar feeling when sitting has set the test seats. Here, too, it benefits from an extremely stable structure in which a metal frame for a perfect fit makes. Many adjustment (for example, back flat place for dozing) assist in the selection of the optimal seating position, and the textile surface feels even after hours of gaming still pleasant to. Nice detail: all seams are processed very clean and upon closer inspection, the reference does not even propose the smallest waves. The Prime series is suitable up to 150kg, after which the TÜV has glued his seal. Small advantage to the above Premium Series: The two openings in the back you can the supplied pillows as needed to your head height adjust perfect!

The price: The Prime AKRacing currently costs € 250 on Amazon.

5. TopStar Syncro

Gaming chair amazon

"But guys, I'm just not 250 € for a computer chair left "- For all gamers among us who can not afford despite my spirited recommendation the money for the gaming chairs DXRACER or AKRacing, there is still a rescue for the back: The TopStar Syncro is a computer seat for cheap money a good solution provides for a healthy back. Not for nothing, this chair can be found in many IT professionals in everyday use. The build quality is solid, and the netting in the back (and the additional back support) ensures a very back-friendly games. If the coal really is not there for the fancy models above, you do with the TopStar Syncro your discs still a favor.

The price: The TopStar Syncro currently costs € 140 on Amazon.

Conclusion: The best gaming chair

There is a good reason why stand on all eSports events gaming chairs DXRACER or AKRacing: They are easy excellent crafted tip Chairs. which are designed for long and intensive Zocksessions while demonized look good! The four presented above Gamer chairs are pro-tested, TÜV "sealed" and a piece of jewelry for each PC room. Therefore, I can recommend to you from personal experience highly enough to take the perhaps expensive at first glance Price in Purchase: You will have fun with your gaming chair for years!

Tell us what you think about it!

I have a question # 8230;
I'm just 14
(I will give honest :)) and I am at just 1.60 still quite small.
Basically, I'm sitting much on Pc or homework and thus spend a relatively long time at a desk. Can you generally recommend me a chair or is there just for my size no # 8222; Gaming Chair # 8220?;

greetings from Hamburg

Hello Mark! Generally, I would have no hesitation to take a three-gamer chairs from the item depending on the budget for the age. The few centimeters you should always still improve and thus in perfectly grow in the chair �� But even if you are still smaller than the Optimalmaß, the chair is better than just any chair for homework-making in the near future ��

150 € available.

Vorneweg Thank you for your contribution, even if the now older ��

I am currently in the decision for a gaming chair.
When searching I found on the chairs which you mentioned, these make a very good impression, also I have in my body masses either way no problems in the chairs (170 and 65kg) XD

So my question is:
Do you by chance the chairs of
And if so could you be so a chair even try?

no fear # 8211; the contribution is constantly updated by me because in the gaming chair market is always a lot going ��

Therefore, we will soon take the Maxnomics of Need for Seat under the microscope; my first guess would be that they are manufactured in the same factory as the DXRACER because the similarities are quite striking. More soon!

Hello, very informative article! I looking around yet seen these chairs here I am sure that you are known and wanted to ask what you think of them and whether you as well as give recommendations may or may verwesien to other test.
Best regards

fuckmylife # 8230; I just saw that someone has already asked. sorrrrryy �� am looking forward to your opinion!


Amazon Lightning Deals on January 29 - Sit comfortably thanks to the gaming chair DX Racer3

Gaming chair amazon DX Racer3 is an affordable and adjustable gaming chair.

Anyone who spends a lot of time in front of the PC, knows how important a good and comfortable seating. A good introduction to the world of gaming chairs offers the DX Racer3. The model is a good gamer throne. But also for people who work or home offices want to have a fancy chair for his own office, he is an ideal seat.

Equipped the model with armrests and a pillow. The load capacity is a maximum of 100 kg. The chair is of course infinitely adjustable in height and the backrest can be up to 135° change. 26 kg net weight of the DX Racer3 is not necessarily a flyweight - but you should really travel with the chair anyway not.

Other flash offers:

The offers presented here are provided with so-called affiliate links. With a purchase on one of these links, we get a small commission from the provider.

Flash offers are temporary and strictly limited in quantity - with particularly good deal the quota can therefore experience has shown to be very fast out.


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