Phimosis (foreskin): when the doctor?

21 October 2017

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In a phimosis (foreskin), the foreskin can not be on the penis or with difficulty over the glans retreat. But be careful - in young children is normal, this condition: From birth, there is a so-called foreskin (or physiological phimosis), which is mostly gone before the age of three years.

The fact that the foreskin (prepuce) can not retreat in the infant and toddler is developmentally and gives itself over time through natural aging processes mostly by itself. Only when retraction of the foreskin from about the third to fifth age still Not is possible, it may indicate a morbid indicate phimosis. Behind such Vorhautverengung inserted a congenital or acquired narrowing of the so-called outer ring foreskin.

The foreskin can not until the older age arise: Possible causes for the later emergence of a phimosis are repeated inflammation or violent actions with tears, bleeding or inflammatory or scarring healing. If such a secondary phimosis occurs in adults, there is often a diabetes mellitus.

The non-retractable foreskin is the main feature of phimosis. In addition, as a result of phimosis following symptoms occur:

The treatment is to enhance the tight foreskin or to be removed by trimming (circumcision). In some cases it is possible that a phimosis ointment to treat. But most of the foreskin makes a surgery necessary. A phimosis surgery, for example, then strongly recommended if ...


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