Colorectal cancer (colon cancer and rectal cancer)

21 October 2017

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In advanced stages of colorectal cancer, it may be due to tumor size and the involvement of neighboring organs lead to complications. the tumor is bleeding profusely, an anemia (anemia) can develop. the tumor grows very fast, the passage of stool may be difficult or impossible - a bowel obstruction can occur. A bowel obstruction requires prompt surgery often unavoidable.

Immediate surgery is also necessary when the tumor has broken through the outer intestinal wall and intestinal contents into the open abdomen passes. While strong, sudden onset of pain and it may develop peritonitis caused.

Felix Burda Foundation
The Felix Burda Foundation are on their pages detailed information on the subject of cancer. In addition to medical indications for the prevention and early detection can also be found useful information on the topic "Living with Cancer", answers to many common questions and a forum.

German ILCO E.V: Self-Help Association for stoma patients and people with DarmkrebsDie Internet pages contain in-depth information on topics related to the colostomy. They are based on diverse and extensive experience and on the knowledge of a large number of technical papers. These were collected by Deutsche ILCO and evaluated. self-help portal for StomaträgerDiese page provides detailed information about ostomy, colostomy and artificial urinary diversion. It is an internet offer of stoma for stoma.


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