Renal cyst, polycystic kidney disease: causes, symptoms and treatment

21 October 2017

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Cystic kidney disease can not be cured. but it is possible to treat the symptoms. If the patient has a high blood pressure, the doctor may prescribe anti-hypertensive agents.

If the kidney function continues to deteriorate, is used to treat a dialysis or kidney transplant necessary.

have children with this form of inherited polycystic kidney disease often a low life expectancy - about half already died in the neonatal period. The remaining victims often develop chronic kidney failure within the first months of life, a difficult to treat hypertension as well as in later childhood.

This disease makes itself usually noticeable between 30 and 40 years. Then it comes to:

German Kidney Foundation Kidney Foundation wants to encourage research, support patients and inform the public.

Trustees for dialysis and kidney transplantation (KfH) The KfH is the largest establishment for comprehensive dialysis care in Germany.


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