Muscle strain: typical symptoms

21 October 2017

Is typical of a muscle strain that the muscles affected hardened and gradually cramping in some pain. In many cases, victims can not move without pain the leg or arm.

The special feature of a muscle strain: The pain are slowly and continuously. This distinguishes them from sports injuries such as hamstring, suddenly and unexpectedly occur.

A muscle strain begins with symptoms such as an unpleasant or tense feeling in the affected muscle, for example, in the thigh.

This feeling increases at a muscle strain over time

Another characteristic is that sufferers try to solve with the strain associated voltage and hardening of the muscle by massaging the muscles or shake. In general, the measures remain but to no avail.

Unlike other muscle injuries - such as the hamstring - it comes with a muscle strain Not bleeding in the area of ​​the affected muscle. This is because when a muscle strain no damage or cracks occur in the muscle fibers.


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