Melanoma (skin cancer): Symptoms

21 October 2017

A melanoma (skin cancer) can cause symptoms that are initially outside not always be distinguished from harmless skin changes: Some benign lesions may similar look like early skin cancer signs. In more advanced Stages is skin cancer usually better seen.

However, it is important to quickly determine if changes in the skin may have skin cancer symptoms, because: treated early has a melanoma good prognosis. Untreated skin cancer but is continuing to spread and a strong tendency to scatter.

Who seems suspicious skin lesions noticed she was so fast the Practitioner or dermatologist show to be excluded skin cancer. suspicious symptoms are, for example pigmentation (such as a mole or mole) which:

A guidance, distinguish harmless skin lesions of melanoma, has called ABCDE rule: It says, like a black skin cancer is typically pronounced. According to the ABCDE rule following symptoms may indicate skin cancer:

In addition to the skin lesions skin cancer often causes long no further symptoms. Possible additional signs for skin cancer include itching and bleeding of pigment spots. In addition, a dark discoloration and / or sudden detachment of a nail may indicate a malignant melanoma.

mostly is skin cancer on the skin limited. In rare Cases, a melanoma but also on the mucous membrane (E.g., the intestine) or eye (I.e., intraocular: arise as iris melanoma, choroidal melanoma, or ciliary body). Even skin cancer can cause symptoms that can have just as well other reasons: Thus, for example, vision problems, so-called "floaters" or a dark spot on the iris caused by intraocular skin cancer or signs of another eye problem.


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