Healthy diet: principles: Plant foods

21 October 2017

For healthy eating plant-based foods are an important part. These include cereals, vegetables and salad and fruit. Nearly three-quarters the daily food consumed should select from this group. By plant foods you supply your body with carbohydrates, fiber, a variety of vitamins and minerals and phytochemicals.

Cereals and cereal products form the basis for a healthy diet because of their nutritional composition. They also are among the most important energy supplier. While oats distinguishes among the grains by the highest levels of vitamin B1 and vitamin B6, millet, oats and rye contain particularly high in iron. Wheat, rice and millet are characterized by a high magnesium content Characterized. The vitamin B group niacin, which plays an important role in the regeneration of skin, muscles and nerves, is mainly found in rice, wheat, barley and millet. Corn is rich in vitamin E.

For cereals, it is not only a particularly high proportion within the daily nutrition, but also to the way in which they are produced. as often as possible for a healthy diet as possible, use whole wheat or Whole grains instead of white flour. only whole grains used - as opposed to so-called white flour products is in whole grains - as the name suggests. The content of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and polyunsaturated fatty acids is thus significantly higher. Among the whole grains include whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole wheat flour, whole wheat pasta, whole grain oatmeal and granola cereal meal. Recommended are day:


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