Plantar warts (lancing warts)

21 October 2017

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Plantar warts (warts puncture, plantar warts) are harmless, but can be unpleasant. They form with fondness on the soles, especially in places that are exposed to much pressure. This plantar warts can cause great pain when walking or standing.

Plantar warts you get by infection with certain types of human papillomavirus (HPV). The viruses are transmitted by contact and smear infections and may access through small cracks or injury to the skin of the soles. Until then forms a wart, weeks may pass to months.

Plantar warts viruses keep in humid climate particularly well - the risk of infection is, therefore, especially in places such as swimming pools, changing rooms or showers high. Flip-flops However, to protect against infection and therefore also against plantar warts. Sweaty feet can promote infection.

Holly warts do not have to necessarily complaints. However Dornwarze arises mostly on pressure-loaded points of the sole (Such as balls or heel) and grow by the constant pressure with thorn-like projections inwards. The result can strong, stabbing pain be.

can also plantar warts grow superficially and beetartige proportions accept: Such "mosaic warts" do not occur individually, but in large numbers. They have a smaller diameter than single constant thorn warts and are often pinhead.

Treatment is not mandatory for plantar warts - often they disappear after an average of two years alone. Such a spontaneous recovery is often observed especially in children. but cause the piercing warts complaints or they spread greatly from, you should remove them.

Who is sure that it is in the existing lesions to plantar warts, does not necessarily see a doctor. In the pharmacy there are different OTC means, which can be removed plantar warts. You can choose between, for example, means that rely on cold treatment, or agents that dissolve the cornea in the affected area gradually.

Does the self-treatment of the plantar warts do not, however, is a doctor visit to recommend. Doctors have other methods available to remove plantar warts, such as cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen, laser therapy or surgical measures.

Attention damaged nerves in the foot or circulatory disorders applies to sufferers with weakened immune systems. You should refrain from self-treatment and remove the plantar warts only with medical assistance. This is particularly true diabetic.


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