Tonsillitis (tonsillitis)

21 October 2017

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Depending on whether the tonsillitis is acute or chronic, also the symptoms differ.

Tonsillitis can sequelae trigger. So bacteria can colonize other organs starting from the tonsils or alerted defense cells begin to mistakenly attack the body's own tissues, leading to inflammation in other organs. (Rare) sequelae can be, for example:

How tonsillitis is treated depends on

In case of acute tonsillitis are used to treat first pain- and antipyretic drugs used which contain as an active ingredient, for example, acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

In acute or frequently occurring bacterial tonsillitis the doctor prescribes an antibiotic, usually penicillin. The antibiotic accelerates the healing process, but can not always prevent the symptoms worsen and evolved a purulent tonsillitis to a collection of pus (abscess). This can occur if the purulent tonsillitis is treated too late with an appropriate therapy or does not affect the antibiotic against this type of bacteria. However, a timely antibiotic intake causes rare sequelae be formed as a heart or kidney.

In the case of chronic tonsillitis (tonsillitis chronica) is the most promising therapy in the tonsils surgically removed (so-called. tonsillectomy). So sufferers no longer have to contend with persistent disease and other tonsillitis. (So-called. Infection) the initial site of infection is, it may reduce the risk of streptococcal sequelae of other organs after tonsillectomy strong.

Video tonsillectomy: If the tonsils have to get out

A acute tonsillitis usually caused by infection with certain bacteria or viruses:

A Tonsillitis is contagious, that is, it can be transmitted by airborne droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes or saliva is exchanged in other ways, such as kissing. From infection to the first symptoms (incubation period), it usually takes one to three days.

The tonsils lie at the transition from the oral cavity to the pharynx between the front and rear arched palate. They are, among other organs and tissues of the body, responsible to train the immune system in early life. The body learns to fend off exogenous and harmful substances (such as viruses and bacteria).

The tonsils (tonsils) are from the first to the third year growing. With the onset of puberty, they form gradually resumed. After that, the tonsils do not exercise more function.

If the almonds chronically inflamed, they cause pre-school age little for the immune protection. On the contrary: they then represent an ideal breeding ground for bacterial colonization and chronic infection, it is useful to have remove the tonsils..

Because of the typical symptoms of tonsillitis is usually detected quickly. reddened and swollen tonsils as pus coverings (So-called. Eiterstippchen) on their surface are considered indicators for acute purulent tonsillitis.

If the doctor scans the neck, which often leads to pain in the swollen lymph nodes, which provide an additional indication of a possible tonsillitis. At the same palate sheets can flushed and the tongue be occupied.

The chronic tonsillitis characterized by mostly scarred changed almonds out. The tonsils may be both larger than also be reduced. When pressure (detritus decomposition products of the cells, so-called.) May be from them pus or a crumbly mass emptied.

Confirm the diagnosis can be achieved by a throat swab, over which the responsible pathogen can be detected.

One danger is that the bacteria enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body (sepsis). This can lead to serious illness. Therefore must be operated in the short term in most cases when forming a abscess.

A tonsillitis you can only Preventing indirectly, by strengthening your immune system through regular exercise and a balanced, vitamin-rich diet.

In addition, you should avoid substances that irritate the mucous membranes. These include cigarette smoke, dust and alcohol. This allows you to prevent the symptoms worsen even with an existing tonsillitis.
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