Gaming pc saturn

20 July 2017

[Saturn] MEDION ERAZER X5337 F, gaming PC 3 TB HDD storage + 240GB SSD. 16 GB RAM, core i7, water cooling, graphics card: Nvidia GeForce GTX970

Gaming pc saturn

GelöschterUser371725 May 16, 2016 2

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So ultimately I give a damn whether this deal will be cold or not. But one thing is ever clear. one can yet so a deal not vote cold because a finished PC as a more expensive self-assembled, right? The decision whether hot or cold can still only be based on the comparison between ready-made PCs. I think that there are enough users who just do not assemble their PC alone, and for many reasons, not only from the skill.

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Gaming pc saturn

thmnp May 16, 2016 2

So ultimately I give a damn whether this deal will be cold or not .... But one thing is ever clear. one can yet so a deal not vote cold because a finished PC as a more expensive self-assembled, right? The decision whether hot or cold can still only be based on the comparison between ready-made PCs. I think that there are enough users who just do not assemble their PC alone, and for many reasons, not only from the skill. Less View More

You can vote the deal cold because the price-performance ratio is underground bad.

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can anyone recommend a gaming pc of saturn or media market to me. 600 euros it would cost?

Gaming pc saturn

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Gaming PCs (151)

Gaming PCs: Become a winner!

For serious gamers gaming PCs are indispensable today. In terms of their hardware equipment they are specifically tailored to the needs of gamers. Just the graphics card convinces with a high memory capacity. With regard to the main processors models come with four or more cores are used. This is necessary in order to present modern and elaborate game worlds appealing in 3D. Since you also put a player importance to a smooth frame rate and motion blur accept only reluctantly, you should not compromise on PCs for gaming.

All modern gaming PCs will be able to play back 3D applications such as games in high quality and with a liquid frame rate. Differences arise particularly when switched in a strong anti-aliasing to improve the gaming experience or a particularly high resolution is chosen as about 4K. In the latter cases, the hardware components are particularly stressed, so that the investment is worthwhile in a larger memory of the graphics card, for example having 3 or 4 GB GDDR5. But the system memory itself should be chosen generous. High-end devices provide 8 to 16 GB of RAM here.

Maintain a sufficiently large hard drive

Since games today take often 10 or 20 GB of disk space to complete, a correspondingly large hard disk is required. Increasingly, manufacturers of gaming PCs offer here a combination of modern and proven SSD HDDs in order to ensure both maximum fast access times as much space. While the SSD is used for the installation of the operating system and frequently used applications to speed up the system start, the games can best be accommodated on the HDD. The HHD offers an unrivaled low price per GB, so here Place can sufficiently be made available - for movies, photo archives and other files with considerable size.

Gaming accessories for gamers

Remember that you order when buying a gaming PC, further components such as a gaming monitor and steering wheels and racing seats to allow the gaming experience can be even more exciting and more authentic. Just Rennsimulationen face today as a particularly sophisticated and offer represents an immensely realistic physical simulation of the action on the track. In order to enjoy these games even more, a correspondingly powerful peripheral is advantageous. Here are force-feedback steering wheels available that can simulate the steering resistance of a real steering wheel, for example, and implement vibration events such as driving over curbs.

This is how a matching TFT for gamers from

However, a particular importance is also the monitor. A gaming monitor offers features that set it apart from a pure office wall. This includes, for example, the ability of some models, rather than represent a refresh rate of 60 Hz even 120 Hz. Such monitors offer a much smoother display, but the graphics card must also double the number of images calculated. Also interesting new features such as Adaptive-Sync, to be achieved through a high synchronicity of command inputs and responses on the monitor. Especially with online shooters and all those games where lightning-fast reactions are essential, such monitors have advantages. Here, however, it must be ensured that the graphics card of the selected gaming PCs must also support Adaptive Sync.

0% Special financing for 100% performance and fun!

Today a gaming PC offers an immense power. The game to play at a high level can begin. Just under the 0 -% - Special financing, it is particularly easy to build your own gaming hardware key. Moreover, hardware can also be used effectively for other tasks such as photo or video editing. Now discover quality gaming PCs at Media Markt!


"Games have evolved so rapidly in recent years that it is hard today to keep track of every development. the control options alone are so diverse that there are individual input options for each genre, for any type of game. So you always have the overview of the various offers, you will not only recognized experts on the subject of gaming, but also the latest technology with advanced features at Saturn - so you always have full control in your hands "

The right gaming accessories at Saturn

A gaming mouse or keyboard equivalent offer as a player many advantages that you need with a few keystrokes on the playing fields in the world. Especially if you want to compete online in duels with other players such input devices are almost essential.

The benefits of gaming accessories

Today, video games are no longer simply the pastime of a pubescent minority: The Gaming has moved from a niche in the public perception and has left far behind, for example, the music and film industry in terms of sales. There are now even leagues and rankings around the world, during which players can compete against each other in competitive conditions. It is therefore a logical step that for this hobby or passion for this is also a specific Gaming Accessories is available. Who games as a hobby already has a certain role, which should reflect on this purchase: A gaming keyboard, for example, offers many advantages over a simple input device. If you play, for example, many first-person shooter, real-time, strategy or role playing, then so does a special keyboard sense. Many models have a separate display that can be configured by software individually for each title. So you have, for example, the life points of your character, the bar with the experience, equipment worn or the latency of the server connection is always on a look ahead. Additional buttons set shortcuts to better respond in the game. A corresponding visual design can be a real eye-catcher the gaming keyboard.

The various possibilities

The same is true for the gaming mouse: Often appropriate article have a much higher DPI, which means can the sensor mouse more and thus realize precise movements and transmitted. This way, you are about in the shooters crucial bit faster. Another reason for a gaming mouse are the modifier keys. Put shortcuts such as changing weapons, inventory or healing potion on one of the additional mouse buttons and act faster in appropriate situations.

Another important gaming accessory is the headset. This allows you to communicate with other players via the integrated microphone. However, the accessory can do even more. Many headsets now have a virtual 5.1.- or 7.1 mode, so that a surround sound in the headphones is simulated. The high sound quality making in some situations a plant superfluous: Take advantage during game sessions late hours of surround sound with deep bass and clear treble without annoying the neighbors.


"A computer is now simply part of everyday life: Many things we regulate only online and in almost every household has at least one computer. In addition to standard computers today, there are already many ready systems that target a specific audience, such as the gaming PC. "

be equipped with the PCs of Saturn for everything

When purchasing one can follow two approaches in general: either the hardware individually examined together and builds up a system to your taste or you opt for a complete system. The former only IT-savvy people warmly recommend, therefore, the second way is here clearly the better choice. With the PCs of Saturn you are on the safe side, because the hardware is matched, you have a corresponding warranty and benefit from technical support.

PCs: Buy vs. build by yourself

If you know exactly which components you want to block that technology such harmony with one another and it is in addition rather trust to assemble a complete computer itself, there is nothing to to do so. The much better choice and especially for you more comfortable variant is to opt for a complete system. This has the advantage that you have with a purchase all the major components, the technology then must only take into operation. In addition, you bypass all the pitfalls that lie in assembling a PC and thus avoid unnecessary trouble. Another plus is the software: Typically in a finished PC of Saturn already the operating system and a selection of useful programs pre-installed. Because only the license of Windows can be priced accordingly, saving you already evident here. Not to be underestimated is also the fact that you have on the products the usual guarantee of Saturn.

If PCs homegrown is something broken, then you need to first find out what is wrong and then contact the dealer where you purchased the unit. Here, too, shows that finished PCs are much easier choice.

What a gaming PC can need

One reason is to purchase a new computer is to present the newest games in impressive optics and without interference. Was it this far always best, even to lend a hand, you are now finding complete gaming PCs that are optimized for maximum performance. If you actually buy the new computer just to play, then you should make sure that he has a lot of RAM (preferably 6-8 GB), a four-core processor and a modern graphics card. Also important is a large hard drive, since many games have a very large amount of space. You should opt for PCs with a modern SSD hard drive, if possible, because with this, the data can load more quickly into the main memory, which program starts and loads much faster.

At Saturn, we advise you very much about our offer. Together we find the best model for you, allowing you to implement your plan. Order the computer either online or visit us in the nearest branch.


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