Stomach (gastroscopy): Sequence

21 October 2017

At a stomach (gastroscopy) you can use a fast process expected. Most is a gastroscopy after a short time (a few minutes) already over: More time the doctor is not needed with a tube-like instrument (a special, as a gastroscope designated endoscope) to look into the stomach.

Gastroscopy can in the hospital or outpatient - for example, in a practice for internal medicine or to a specialist for gastrointestinal medicine (gastroenterologist) - take place. Where the gastroscopy is taking place, has no effect on their operation.

but on request you can log sedative leave (for example, Midalozam or diazepam) administered before the gastroscopy begins: the conduct of the investigation then take unaware true. They wish no Drugs for sedation, gastroscopy can also fully conscious done: If appropriate numb your throat locally with a spray, so you do not so much feel the introduced through the mouth tube.

If you have a dentures carry, you need this remove, before the gastroscopy begins. Then the doctor can the flexible tube Insert: That is, it pushes the tube gently through your mouth larynx passing through the esophagus into the stomach. Here, a prevented teether That bite on the tube between your teeth. In order to assess what they have seen better, the doctor inflates your stomach during gastroscopy on the hose air to which he then sucks again. Finally he pushes the tube through the stomach before starting in the duodenum. At the end of the investigation he pulls the device into the stomach back and eventually all the way out.

Through the gastroscope, the doctor can be a tiny tongs introduce little with which he during gastroscopy tissue samples extracts and examined after the examination under a microscope (so-called. biopsy). Thus, the physician may mucous membranes in the stomach and duodenum yet assess more precisely: For example, inflammation and benign and malignant tumors can be seen. In addition, it is possible during the gastroscopy smaller surgery make.

After gastroscopy you should within two to three hours eat or drink: Especially after a local anesthetic throat is otherwise the risk of choking. If you have received a sedative injection before gastroscopy, you may also at least 24 hours operate machinery (This also includes the use on the road). It is also important: If you complaints such as dizziness, vomiting of blood, pain or similar notice after a gastroscopy, notify the doctor!


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