bone cancer

21 October 2017

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Medical experts to denote malignant tumors that occur in bone tissue as bone cancer. Thanks to modern therapies can cure bone cancer in many cases. The earlier the cancer is detected, the better the chance to get well.

To the main symptoms are of bone cancer Pain and swelling Skin and tissue over the affected bone or near the bone tumor. In addition, limbs, afflicted with bone cancer can, in their movement restricted be. Such complaints do not necessarily relate to a malignant tumor of the bone - they are also common in other, more benign diseases and are therefore not a safe indication of bone cancer.

Forms of bone cancer are, for example, the

Osteosarcoma is both in adults and in children and adolescents the most common bone cancer. In children, Ewing's sarcoma is the second in adults occurs if there are only rare.

The causes of bone cancer are not yet understood. Experts suggest that genetic factors play a role.

To make the diagnosis of suspected bone cancer, the doctor arranged for a detailed interview (anamnesis) an x-ray and a blood count on. The results speak for that bone cancer might be present, usually further investigation methods are used, for example, a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), an ultrasound or scintigraphy. To bone cancer for sure determine and exclude benign bone tumors, is a tissue sample (Biopsy) is necessary.

Bone cancer, the doctor usually treated with a combination of chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. However, the exact treatment is varies from case to case. It depends, for example, of the type, location and size of the tumor, but also on how far the disease has advanced.


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