Endoscopy (mirroring)

21 October 2017

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Endoscopy (mirroring) is a medical technology, investigate with the help of Doctors Without or with only a minor surgical procedure body cavities and hollow organs, detect diseases and possibly may be the same deal.

Endoscopy is a special instrument the so-called: used endoscope. Each endoscope has a camera or a optical system and a lighting device with cold light. The latter is important to ensure that no heat damage to the examined organs arise when mirroring. The optical system guides the light from the light source at the tip of the endoscope to the examining physician. The sight of the doctor can be both straight ahead as his bent, also by up to 45 degrees.

The designation the various endoscopic procedures, and of the endoscopes used in each case is directed generally to the Application: For example, is the endoscopic examination of the stomach gastroscopy (And the instrument in accordance with gastroscope) that of the intestine colonoscopy (And the endoscope according colonoscope). In English, for endoscopy (Greek. Endon = inside, skopein = consider) is often the concept of reflection apply: This is referred accordingly from a gastroscopy or colonoscopy.

Depending on the application and report to the doctor for mirroring uses a rigid or flexible endoscope (That is a solid, thin metal pipe or a flexible hose). On Videoscope are the images on a monitor. In addition, for some time there is the possibility of a capsule to use for endoscopy: This form of video endoscopy to swallow a small video capsule, which then sends in a natural way through the digestive tract images.


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