Coated tongue (tongue coating): Causes

21 October 2017

Most have a coated tongue harmless causes. The tongue coating then consists mainly of old cells, food particles and non-disease-causing germs. Above all, who takes an inordinate amount of coffee, tea, milk and alcohol to be developed quickly a coating on the tongue.

Cause of a coated tongue is often a lack of friction: By chewing solid food it usually succeeds mostly to remove the tongue coating. Who mainly takes liquid food or tends to quickly hinunterzuschlingen his food, it has often a greater coating on the tongue. A inadequate oral hygiene promotes the development of the deposit in addition.

However, a coated tongue can also Signs of disease be: For example, a white coating on the tongue by mouth fungus (V.A. thrush) arise. feverish infections and Gastrointestinal disease (Such as inflammation of the stomach) may also cause a whitish coating on the tongue.

Other infectious diseases, symptoms of which a coated tongue may include, for example:

In addition to Dental and gum diseases (E.g. periodontitis) to be responsible for a coated tongue. The tongue coating is then usually colored gray-whitish.

Also quite common but harmless is the black hairy tongue (Lingua villosa nigra). It is caused by enlarged tongue papillae (hypertrophy of the filiform papillae) that can easily take on the color of the consumed food: The consequence is a dirty-white or dark green to black coated tongue. As causes for example, are a lack of nicotinamide or antibiotic treatment into question - certain medications can thus also cause a tongue coating.


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