7. SSW (Pregnancy & shy; week)

21 October 2017

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In the seventh week of pregnancy (SSW), the embryo measures about five millimeters from crown to rump (SSL = crown-rump length) and now resembles a small thick bean. Throughout this week, the embryo begins to move.

The first movements are still uncontrolled and act more like a twitch. it can be, and in the course of pregnancy, the baby will specifically occur and boxing and even suck his thumb or playing with the umbilical cord jumping and turning over the next few weeks.

The baby shape is already visible in the seventh week of pregnancy but the head is in proportion still significantly higher than the rest of the body and greatly inclined to the chest. Many plants, such as those for nostrils, lips and even teeth, have already been developed.

Once the pregnancy is known, carried the initial examination the gynecologist, in which also the mother pass is handed out. then follow Checkups at intervals of four weeks up to 32 weeks. From 32 weeks until the expected date of delivery, this distance is reduced to two weeks. If the calculated date exceeded, by the 10th day every other day, controlled by 14 days daily. are furthermore three large checkups with ultrasound intended:

In the seventh week of pregnancy (SSW) take the pregnancy complaints in many women. particularly strong fatigue the expectant mother can suddenly and attack any time of day. It is through the progesterone progesterone triggered the calming effect of pregnancy on the body and thus ensures that the pregnant woman to take necessary rest breaks, to gather strength.

Despite an increased need for sleep are now frequent sleep problems, especially By sleep problems, on the agenda. This is, among other things, therefore, that the bands in which the uterus is suspended (ligaments), stretch and an uncomfortable just lying Pull in your abdomen can cause. The growing uterus can press on the bladder and the pregnant woman so more frequently to the toilet (Urinary frequency) necessary. In addition, sudden nocturnal awakening Food cravings many expectant mothers and require a quick snack. Many pregnant women already feel in the seventh week of pregnancy that the breasts grow and thereby cause problems in finding a suitable sleeping position.

In the first three months of pregnancy, it can also be Circulation problems come in the form of high blood pressure or low blood pressure.

Circulatory problems arise during this period firstly by the hormonal changes which ensure among other things that the blood vessels relax and widen to bleed through the placenta better for example. On the other hand the maternal blood volume increases during pregnancy by up to 50 percent, while at the same time the blood is thin in order to reach more easily to the placenta. The Heart has to exert more now, the blood pumping through the body of the pregnant woman.

Other typical pregnancy symptoms at this time may be:

In the seventh week of pregnancy (SSW), the embryo measures about five millimeters from crown to rump (SSL) and resembles a small thick bean with bowed head on his chest. From now on, it grows every day about one millimeter.

The heart of the embryo beats fast, pumping blood and oxygen to all parts of the small body. Moreover, are already the first signs of the brain to recognize and the head is growing rapidly. Eyes and nostrils are visible as black dots, but the eyelids are not yet developed. The Arm and leg systems have evolved, arms and legs can be seen. see the little hands in that time still like paddles, the feet are hard to distinguish from the legs. The existing spinal column stabilizes the body and nervous system evolving.

Also one can first see the unborn ultrasound in the face: Eyes, nose and mouth can now be clearly distinguished. However, the eye sockets still are now in the region of the temples, so that the head of the embryo at this stage is somewhat reminiscent of that of a fish. the excesses located between the mouth and the heart bag also remember the gills a fish. From them later, the lower jaw and face and neck form.

are furthermore many plants developed, for example for the nostrils, lips, tongue and teeth. The heart is now proposing regularly with about 150 beats per minute.

In the seventh week of pregnancy first muscle fibers formed and allow the first, uncontrolled movements, which at first seem like little twitches of the entire embryo.


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