Fatigue: Causes & Treatment

21 October 2017

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There are two types of fatigue:

The two forms of fatigue can be, however, impossible to clearly delimit. Frequently they have common causes. A blood sugar (hypoglycaemia), for example, on the one hand lead to the muscles of the starting fuel. On the other hand, the sugar deficiency can affect the metabolism of the nerve cells and thus lead to central fatigue.

In addition, the two forms of fatigue interact with one another: If the skeletal muscles overloaded, it can inhibit the central nervous system to protect the body thus before overloading.

First exhaustion is therefore not a sign of a disease, but a normal physical condition like hunger or thirst. However, if you yourself for no apparent reason and for extended periods away feeling exhausted, this may be a warning signal. 

Doctors are exhausted to the "General symptoms"That occur in many physical and mental diseases. Similar to breathing difficulties and headaches fatigue is a unspecific, ambiguous symptom, for which there can be numerous explanations.

Possible physical causes are approximately:

If you feel very tired, weak and exhausted for a longer period, the complaints of his should family doctor can clarify. Since the possible causes of fatigue are very diverse, the physician at the so-called Anamnesis First some questions:

Subsequently, the physician performs physical examination by. It approximately measures the blood pressure and relieves the patient's blood from. The blood levels of the doctor may detect various diseases, for example anemia (anemia), high blood sugar or inflammation. He also examined the patient's skin, as an unusually pronounced and increasing skin tanning (pigmentation) may indicate adrenal insufficiency.

Most (in about 80 percent of cases) it is possible to make a diagnosis based on medical history and physical examination, the doctor. Nevertheless, sometimes further investigations necessary to confirm the diagnosis or to clarify specific findings of the investigation.


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