Undescended testicle (undescended testes): Definition

21 October 2017

When undescended testicle (undescended testes), one or both testicles not in the scrotum (Scrotum) can be palpated. The testicles lie mostly either in the inguinal canal or in the abdominal cavity.

Normally, the testicles travels to the unborn boy during development in the womb from the abdominal cavity into the scrotum (descent of the testis) down. In general, the testes enter the scrotum in the seventh month of pregnancy. A male infant ie the testes in the scrotum should be palpable. If this is not the case, the testes often lowers yet spontaneously in the first half year of life. In premature infants undescended testis in accordance with the immature development is more common, but disappears in many cases again.

Depending on the location of the testes, there are different variants of cryptorchidism article that can occur in each case one or both sides:

About 0.7 to 3 percent of all born at normal time boys have a unilateral or bilateral undescended testicles. at prematurity an undescended testicle is more common. Here the frequency is up to 30 percent. For most affected boy's testicles descend into the scrotum within the first six months of life. Then no treatment is usually required. However, the undescended persists, therapy is required.


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