Chemotherapy: Applications

21 October 2017

Chemotherapy has several primarily cancers (E.g., breast cancer) as applications. Chemotherapy is a "systemic" Treatment with specific drugs (cytostatica). Systemic means that the cytostatic agents used act throughout the body.

In chemotherapy, the application areas are therefore primarily those cancers that can not or no longer be treated solely locally because they concern either the whole body or have already spread to various organs (metastasized) have.

Chemotherapy has proven to be at different forms of cancer very successful pointed out that in many cases the victims may even be completely cured by chemotherapy - so especially in certain cancers that spread right throughout the body such as leukemia (blood cancer) and lymphoma (Hodgkin's disease, for example). The medical term for this form of chemotherapy is curative.

Even with first locally occurring tumors such as testicular cancer, the so-called choriocarcinoma, or sarcomas (malignant tumors of the connective tissue) may completely cure the cancer cytostatic drugs. Under certain circumstances, intensive chemotherapy may lead to healing and the recurrence of a tumor disease (relapse).

Advanced cancer, where the tumor has already been spreading to lymph nodes or other organs, sometimes also treated with chemotherapy. The goals are,

Therefore, chemotherapy plays, for example, the following forms of cancer - especially in the advanced stage - an important role:

Chemotherapy has therefore not curative in these cases, but only palliative character. Physicians speak of palliative chemotherapy.


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