Epididymis & shy; inflammation (epididymitis)

21 October 2017

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A epididymitis (epididymitis) usually occurs unilaterally: Then there is pain in the epididymis and scrotum is increasingly swollen. Often the same time there is an inflammation of the testicles (orchitis) - in which case we speak of a orchiepididymitis.

The epididymitis and their symptoms usually develop gradually. Below the inflammation continued on, come to the swelling and pain of the epididymis affected general symptoms such as

Typical of the epididymitis are also problems with urination and an over-heated epididymis.

Mostly eligible for epididymitis two causes into consideration. On the one hand, a Ascending infection cause an inflammation occurs in the epididymis: The pathogens reach (usually bacterial), for example, of a urethral inflammation, an inflammation of the prostate or on an indwelling catheter along the seminal tract in the epididymis. On the other hand, a Infection through the bloodstream lead to epididymitis: This much rarer case, the causative agent of epididymitis from an infection, which is located in a different region of the body originate and reach the epididymis via the bloodstream.

In acute epididymitis come to treatment as early as possible antibiotics and anti-inflammatory and decongestant drugs are used. Furthermore, it helps to treat the inflammation locally - that is, the epididymis cool, highland. Usually acute epididymitis heals well this therapy.

Depending on the severity of the inflammation or insufficient treatment, however, one can also chronic epididymitis arise. As complication epididymitis, it also may be a collection of pus (abscess) to the blood poisoning (sepsis). And the rare bilateral epididymitis affects may adversely affect the fertility of: Through a bilateral occlusion of the epididymal tubules infertility (Verschlussazoospermie) can occur.


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