Genital itching: Annoying, but mostly harmless

21 October 2017

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Itching might be annoying in the genital area (genital pruritus). If itching shortly the outer sheath (vagina), the penis or the glans, but this is usually harmless: Like other skin sensations - such as touch, pain, heat or cold - is itching as a protective mechanism.

For the itching in the genital area care as in any other location different messengers of the body - for example, histamine or cytokines. Nerve fibers conduct the sensation to the brain, where then a scratch reflex arises: Sufferers feel the almost irresistible urge to scratch the itchy skin to scrub or rub.

Unlike a short-term, acute genital itching is a long-lasting itching as warning symptoms consider. Such chronic Juckempfindung you can in three groups divided:

If the genital itching lasts a long time, this can on the one hand a sign of needing treatment illness be. Secondly, the constant itching can be a kind vicious circle set in motion:

Most commonly, a prolonged itching occurs in the genital area in the Mrs a so-called pruritus vulvae on - the pubic area (or vulva) itches here mainly due to fungal infections. At the man is itching in the genital area are less common.


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