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20 July 2017

Robas Lund DX Racer 12: Gaming Chair much cheaper at Amazon


By Roba Lund DX Racer 12 is now to have the greatly reduced price, another gaming chair on Amazon.

Amazon chairs

Gaming chairs are becoming more affordable. After DX Racer 1 and the DX Racer 12 is now at Amazon on offer. The price saving is considerable. Currently, the Amazon price is 448.76 euros. These are always 41 percent less than the retail price of 763.75 euros. As with many other gaming chairs also consists of cover made of synthetic leather. numerous adjustments can be made on the backrest and armrests. The chair is relatively heavy (26 kg), but can be pushed still good. In addition to the all-black version, there is also a model in red and black. That is even slightly cheaper with a price of 439 euros.

Amazon chairs

Amazon customers over the Robas Lund DX Racer 12

Customers of Amazon praise majority of the convenience and easy installation. Criticism however, there is for cheap-looking plastic armrests and the roles that can not be blocked. Individual users also complain about problems with the tilt function. Overall, however, outweigh the positive impressions. After all, 4.3 stars is the average rating. More information can be found on Amazon.

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Amazon chairs



Chairs are available in very large selection, not only in different designs and for different occasions, including the materials and ornaments vary widely.

the designation Armchair is used for all chairs that have armrests. It does not matter what material they are, or whether they have a padding.

stacking chairs are usually very simple and made of a lightweight material. but they are also available in bright colors. Some stacking chairs are equipped with armrests. They offer themselves especially for events or living rooms and gardens with limited space because they can be stored to save space.

children's chairs are usually very colorful or a simple wooden look. There are chairs for children in two variants: either they are smaller than normal stools and allow children so to sit at tables or children they are so great that the kids can sit at the dining table. The latter usually have even a little extra table.

Wood is a natural building material and very popular because it creates a nice and cozy atmosphere.

The beech is very often found in Europe. Furniture from their wood is strong and durable. The wood can be processed well and is very stable.

Oak is a natural building material that can be prepared by different processing for different uses. It is very robust and resistant, and has a beautiful grain.

chairs metal are easy to clean and are modern looking. They are very resistant and waterproof. They offer themselves especially for outdoor use.

A reference from leather is characterized by long life. It is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and easy to clean. Leather is a very durable material. Who genuine leather is too expensive, which can also leatherette decide.

plastics are very resistant to scratches and moisture. Plastic furniture to last, are easy and cheap.

material properties

Painted or varnished Pieces of furniture have an additional protective layer. This makes them more durable and easier to clean. Glaze pulls this deeper and leaves with wood still show through the grain.

Depending on which brush is used, it can be seen a bristle abrasion on the thus processed furniture. Brushed metal is easier to maintain and more dull, as by editing a dash pattern. Brushed wood has a modified surface structure and feels natural.

Gilded or silvered chairs have, depending on the chair form, a slightly baroque appearance. This effect can be enhanced by certain upholstery.

Guides chairs

They are found in every home and in every office. Wherever there is a table, they are not far: Chairs are available wherever people work, eat or talk. They are as diverse as their use functions; for any occasion, the market offers the right seat. So if you are looking for chairs, you must first ask where it should be and what purpose it serves.

Decisive factors here seat height. the nature of the rest and of course the optics be. Chairs that are used in the workplace must often do their service for several hours at a stretch and should be in accordance comfortable while at the dinner table often harder chairs can be found.

The various features at a glance

As different chairs may be: It may be helpful to know a few basic differences from the beginning, which can facilitate the purchasing decision according to personal preference. Sun chairs are not only commodities, but also furniture. Accordingly, it is not objectionable if you first pay attention to the appearance of the chair.

Unless it is a folding chair, which is the majority of his time in the store room, your new chair is a permanent part of your home or your office and should visually match the rest of the facility.

The correct height

Amazon chairsSo you can sit back, should the seat height the chair both your height and the height of the table top are selected accordingly. When the feet are placed flat on the ground and the thigh rest on the seat, thigh and lower leg to each other in the best case at right angles. The legs should it have enough space under the table to optionally be beaten once over each other.

It is of course normally not necessary that each person gets their own and tailored to their body size chair in the household. Small differences in height can be compensated by the seat cushion, so that families can choose each other their chairs to match. Only for (small) children should acquire parents own chairs. These are correspondingly higher and (often height adjustable) have to compensate its own foot plate. Frequently, additional plates are attached to waist level on such chairs that serve both as a desktop and ensure that the child does not rise or fall off the chair.

If it is a writing desk with computer, the location of the monitor is also observed. Optimum seat height you have attained if your eyes are at a height when sitting upright with the top edge of the screen. Many desk chairs are equipped with a hydraulic system that allows the seat height can be adjusted quickly. Thus, they can easily be used by several people with different body sizes. There also is no reason to adjust the height during the service times more likely. If you spend several hours in the chair, you can prevent so that your knees stiffen.

Seat and backrest

Amazon chairsChairs no longer exist long only of wood, even if this 'classic' an unbroken popularity. Chairs are available in metal, acrylic, hard plastic, rattan and other materials. You can 'naked' or get seats made of leather or fabric. it may orthopedic reasons enter from which you should choose one or the other seat surface; but primarily you decide individual taste and possibly other factors. For example, the environmental impact of the materials used.

Of course all the chairs offer the possibility to make the seat with an extra pillow soft. However, should this decision at the end Purpose: While it is often perceived as pleasant to sit for a shorter time (for example, with food) a little harder prefer people who spend several hours a day on a chair, usually a Upholstered seat .

Similar criteria apply to the nature of the back of the chair. Anyone who spends much time in a chair, you should opt for a padded seat to cushion the back. If you have a habit, often times to 'sink' on a chair, that is to use only the front part of the seat, the spine is loaded with more body weight and should also be collected by a softer seat. A harder or non-padded backrest is suitable for you if you just sit very short time or on chairs. Similar to the seats may be pleasantly also reflect the nature of the particular purpose of use. In any case, the rest should be high enough to support also the shoulders.

Starr, swinging or rocking?

Amazon chairsTraditional chairs have four legs and are fixed on the ground. Another variant swinging chairs. in which the hind legs are missing and replaced with one end connected to the front legs frame. The legs and the frame are made here often from slightly flexible aluminum and offer the possibility of seat and back, easy to bend backwards.

at rocking chairs forming frame and seat no cohesive unit, but are often connected to each other only by a metal tube. Thus, it is possible to tilt the seat and backrest to a certain degree to the rear. This feature is commonly found in desk chairs and can be locked in many cases by a locking lever. Rocking chairs are often used in conjunction with a Fußhöckerchen to allow a semi-recumbent position. When choosing the type of chair you should - especially if you decide against a rigid model - see your own body weight and the load limits of the respective chairs.

With or without armrests?

Amazon chairsFor pragmatic reasons, the decision is for or against armrests often made from space-dependent, which is around the chairs available. The narrower the room, the more impractical armrests can be because it is no longer possible without further ado to sit sideways on the chair. At desk chairs however, you will find armrests very often because around them is usually more space available than at a dining table. Moreover, it is a natural and healthy need to take the arms in between and rest. In many cases, armrests are height-adjustable; in some they can even be quickly removed and replaced.

What feet?

Amazon chairsNot least is also worth a look at the bottom of the chairs. The nature of the feet, you should first and foremost by the relevant Flooring make them dependent. Basically Harte feet can leave permanent damage on hard ground. For parquet, laminate - or PVC floors therefore sharp metal feet are not so good.

Take special care with chair legs made of metal that the feet are covered with plastic or stand on rubber stopper. The latter have the additional effect that the chairs can not slip on smooth surfaces. Many desk chairs have no feet, but stand on wheels and can be easily moved around the room. In some cases, these roles have their own locking lever or brakes; these should fall back when the chair is on a very slippery floor.

With the large selection of chairs that is available today, it should be no problem for you to find a copy that suits your needs best and you still visually appeals. Fall back in the decision on the following questions: Who sits in the chair? Where is he standing? As long as he is claimed?

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Amazon in Poland hard manners prevail


W hen Amazon's distribution centers opened in Poland end of 2014, the joy was great. Janusz Piechocinski, the economy minister, described the investment as a "milestone" for the Polish economy. And Amazon announced plans to create thousands of new jobs - in Poland. a country with an unemployment rate of about twelve percent, that message was very well received.

And for Amazon seemed Wroclaw and Poznan to be ideal locations because this combination of close geographical proximity to the huge market of Germany and very low wages there are so otherwise only in the Czech Republic. Amazon takes place in Poland employees for the mostly very simple activities that have to do in the Amazon fulfillment centers, one quarter of the German price: 12,50 zloty gets a simple warehouseman gross in Wroclaw and 13 zloty in Poznan - about three Euro.

But now, nine months after Amazon has opened its three logistics centers in Poland, the group gets problems with state authorities and discontented employees. The National Labor Inspectorate (PIP), which monitors compliance with the labor laws in the factories in Poland, has recently found a large number of violations involving Amazon in Wroclaw: So were heard PIP some workers overtime not paid, or absence due to sickness or pregnancy was - paid no wages - contrary to the statutory provisions.

Already in December 2014, media reported about the fact that employees had received Amazon Poland to low wages or that it was paid late. then Amazon conceded error and apologized. But Amazon has obviously still have problems with the correct payment of his employees.

In addition, former employees work certificates were issued too late, and partly contained this incorrect information, reports the PIP. Accidents that occurred during the work, had been not declared as such. And apparently was cut corners and ends: So there were in jobs that were equipped with monitors, no chairs. And even with the security has been saved, the report of the PIP can accept: So Amazon not paid its employees from wearing protective clothing.

Amazon does not deny the allegations from, but stresses that have "safety and health of employees for the company top priority". The instructions of the authorities were either already implemented or Amazon was just about to implement them.


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