Clitoris (clitoris)

21 October 2017

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The clitoris (the clitoris) is one of the sexual organs of the woman and used exclusively for sexual pleasure sensation. The clitoris is located inside the labia majora (labia) and specifically where the small inner lips meet, about two centimeters above the urethral meatus.

The clitoris consists of a Schwellkörpersystem, which in its function in about which the Glans penis equivalent. A part of the clitoris is visible to the naked eye - this about pea-sized piece is called a crown or acorn. The acorn is partially covered by the prepuce, which serves as the foreskin in the penis to protect the clitoris. If a woman wants to know where her clitoris is, and looks like the clitoris, it can use a hand mirror to get a picture. Some women are scared to see her genital area more closely - this fear is completely unfounded, because the curiosity about your own body's normal.

The other, larger part of the clitoris is located inside the body and is not visible from the outside. It consists of two legs that are embedded in the muscles of the pelvic floor and in a three to four centimeters long shaft (clitoral shaft) converge. The tip of the shaft forms the through skin wrinkles (clitoris ribbon) with the labia minora connected glans. If the woman is not energized, measures this outer part of their clitoris in about 2.5 centimeters. at sexual arousal the blood flow to the sexual organs intensified. Thigh and shank from the clitoris fill with blood and swell - similar to the penis. The glans of the clitoris swells to about double the size and hardens. Their coloration is now darker than normal.

Unlike the glans penis, which appears when energized under the foreskin, runs the glans of the clitoris with increasing excitation under the foreskin. Thus a direct stimulation of the clitoris crown is no longer possible. That does not mean that the excitement of women decreases, but rather means that the excitement continues to grow. The clitoris is now indirectly stimulated by the penis during sexual intercourse.


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