Puerperal mastitis (breast infection while breastfeeding): Symptoms

21 October 2017

A puerperal mastitis (breast infection while breastfeeding) is manifested by typical symptoms, such as sudden onset of fever and a strong reddening the affected breast. As the name implies, this type of breast infection can occur in lactating women, and they usually occur between the eighth and twelfth day after birth.

The puerperal mastitis usually begins one-sided in an outermost region of the breast. Initially, the chest is painful curious where the pain is often impossible to pinpoint. Often the lymph nodes are enlarged in the same side armpit.

Later in the inflammation tends to be concentrated at a specific location. The following symptoms may be added over time:

The puerperal mastitis is usually good as thickening palpable. Partially covered also visible changes, such as a Increase in size of the breast or Breast changes surface. Proceeds mastitis, an abscess can form.


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