Hemorrhoids FAQ: How can you treat hemorrhoids yourself?

21 October 2017

The most important prerequisite to alleviate discomfort caused by hemorrhoids, is a healthy digestion. Try to achieve a balanced, high-fiber diet a regular digestion and soft but formed stool. To avoid excessive straining at defecation. Also watch out for a lot of movement and a sufficient fluid intake in the form of water, fruit juice Schorlen, herbal or fruit tea.

At an early stage hemorrhoids do not require surgery. Complaints can be treated with creams, lotions, ointments or tinctures itself. These products contain, for example, zinc, panthenol, witch hazel or aloe vera and are available without prescription at the pharmacy. But is not fully understood how these supplements can actually reduce the symptoms. Even suppositories and Hämotamps, especially in moist inflammation may provide relief. 

Some people with hemorrhoids feel sitz baths with clean water as pleasant. Whether bath products with anti-inflammatory drugs such as chamomile or witch hazel are effective, has not been sufficiently proven by studies.

Keep the complaints, despite self-treatment or contact them on again, you should see the doctor!


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