Fleas: flea bites

21 October 2017

Flea bites itch very strong and are formed reddish papules or swelling. The actual flea bite or flea bite can be seen in the middle part as a red dot. Most flea bites occur in triple Pack because the fleas often only "sample bites" make before they decide to sting site. The flea bites are therefore frequently as unpicked in a row. Especially Feet and legs are popular flea goals, but also hip, armpits, knee and elbow bends like to be stung. The symptoms that occur through the flea bites can last one to two weeks.

We see several flea bites. © iStock

Flea bites can occur in clusters.

Due to the intense itching it falls affected mostly hard not to scratch. This bacteria can enter the wound and an additional wound infection entail.

Flea bites can be treated with creams or gels, the active ingredients from the group of antihistamines or glucocorticoids contain. Swelling, you can use cold packs alleviate.

Also try to resist the itch: Do not scratch! To reduce the risk that the flea bite infected.


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