Folic acid (folate): Folic acid deficiency

21 October 2017

A folic acid deficiency in the developed world widespread: The majority
of people in Germany reached the recommended amount of 300 micrograms
Folic acid per day Not. Most take a day between 200 and 300
Micrograms to himself. Basically, a folic acid deficiency can by a
varied diet based on whole grains, lots of vegetables and
Legumes is avoided. This form of diet but does not meet the
typical eating habits of most consumers.

Whether a folate deficiency exists, can be over blood tests determine
- In addition, the doctor asked about dietary habits and
examined those affected. After two to three weeks in which to too little
has added folic acid, the so-called plasma folic acid in the blood decreases. A
short-term intake of folic acid can falsify the measurement of this value. As
goods Long-term markers the suitability of the in red blood cells contained
Folate: Its concentration decreases when the shortage of folic acid for about three
continues to four months.

Folic acid reduces the concentration of a protein building block
called homocysteine in blood. there is a
Folic acid deficiency, eliminates this influence and the homocysteine ​​concentration increases.
This promotes cardiovascular diseases such as
for example, hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) and their
Consequence such as heart attack or stroke.

Scientists have pursued in recent years, the question of whether the administration
Folic acid can prevent from strokes and heart attacks. The result: There are no
convincing evidence that can prevent the additional intake of folic acid,
that these diseases occur. therefore, Not recommended folic acid
Regard to these preventive taking cardiovascular diseases.

risk groups for a folic acid deficiency are:

The admission requirements for folic acid in the body are not always optimal: Sun
for example, leads a vitamin B12 deficiency in disturbed
Folic acid uptake into the cells.

The Treatment of folate deficiency comes in at two points: one hand should
the reason fixed (as chronic alcohol consumption or an unhealthy
Diet) - on the other hand should folic acid-containing people with folate deficiency
taking medicines.

In the treatment of tumors in some cases,
Drugs caused an artificial folate deficiency to the tissue of the tumor
damaging. The tumor is more susceptible to folic acid deficiency, since its cells
grow faster than the rest of the tissue. Thus it is more damaged. These
Medications called folic acid antagonists (for example, the drug methotrexate).

A folic acid deficiency makes mainly determined by very general symptoms noticeable how

Folic acid participates among others in the formation of mucous and
blood corpuscle. Since renew tissue continuously and
have high so-called division rate, a few weeks caused lasting
Folic acid deficiency symptoms in these tissues. So heal, for example,
Injuries of the mucous membranes and wounds more slowly when a folic acid deficiency

Continues to cause folic acid deficiency symptoms such as:


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