Discharge from the vagina (vaginal discharge)

21 October 2017

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Every woman has him discharge from the vagina (vaginal discharge). That the vagina (called. White River) continuously in small quantities a whitish, odorless secretion secretes part of normal female body functions. Only under certain circumstances, the discharge is morbid.

Why do women vaginal discharge? The normal discharge from the vagina consists of a liquid of the cervix and the vaginal mucosa cells. The vaginal discharge contains many lactic acid bacteria that produce an acidic environment and thus prevent invading pathogens can multiply in the vagina.

How much discharge emerges from the vagina varies from woman to woman. Moreover, the amount varies in vaginal discharge under the female cycle: Under the influence of the sex hormone estrogen of discharge from the vagina takes just before ovulation and before the onset of menstruation to. To go midcycle is a rather viscous and transparent vaginal discharge typical, while the outflow shortly before and after the period is more viscous.

A vaginal discharge that changed in its nature is, however, a Cause for alarm be: Examples include a

often accompany other symptoms an altered vaginal discharge: So may occur as itching, swelling, redness, pain when urinating or an unpleasant odor.

This is especially true in an unusual vaginal discharge in pregnancy: If a pregnant woman (as is often the case) a vaginal inflammation behind the discharge from the vagina, should be a timely diagnosis and treatment. Because in very severe cases a vaginal infection, if left untreated, a miscarriage as a result.

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are the technical terms for discharge from the vagina "fluorine genital" respectively "vaginal discharge",


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