Neck pain – widespread but mostly harmless

21 October 2017

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Neck pain is a common symptom: Up to 15 percent of the population experience pain in the neck that may radiate up into his arms in the back of the head and shoulders. Mostly, however, the painful neck tension is harmless and disappears within a few days again - (. So-called stiff neck) even if the neck is tightened so that the neck stiffened and each head movement hurts.

Neck pain may from time to time repeated occur - sometimes occur within minutes drawing pains. Depending on, how long Stop the pain, physicians differ:

Neck pain can numerous causes to have. Many people suspect behind wear. The reason: the cervical spine is - unlike other sections of the spine - extremely mobile. This mobility means that the muscles are more stressed and the vertebral bodies wear out stronger. As a result of this wear again pain may arise. Are any specific nerve irritated or damaged, abnormal sensations can also occur - such as:

In fact, however neck pain can also occur if the vertebrae no exhibit wear. Often the pain caused by sided load due to heavy physical work or lack of exercise. Also stress can play a role - it is a reciprocal relationship can develop: The stronger the pain, the greater the personal burden and vice versa.

Most are neck pain harmless Tension or spasms of the neck muscles that can occur due to incorrect lying down or sitting, stress, or even with a cold: Even strong pain in the neck are rarely signs of serious damage.

More serious Causes of neck pain range from acute (ie sudden) events to chronic (that slowly developing) damage. If the neck is doing, for example, after a car accident or fall hurt, this may be a sign of a whiplash injury or a spinal fracture. More rarely, the pain in the neck caused by wear processes or intervertebral disc disorders (e.g., herniated disc) of the cervical spine.

Besides come for neck pain following reasons being:

In a few cases behind neck pain congenital malformations the cervical spine, in which, for example, individual vertebral bodies are fused together (e.g., congenital torticollis).

For neck pain, the diagnosis often does not give exact cause of pain. Almost everyone gets in the course of his life at least once acute pain in the neck - often with a headache. In some cases, occur more symptoms on, such as:

Usually a harmless neck tension for the complaints is responsible, often going back again on its own. Nevertheless, it is useful with neck pain for doctor to go - especially if:

To get the first indication of whether behind the neck pain is a more serious disorder or disease infected, the physician initially some ask - for example:

To further isolate the cause of neck pain is usually followed by a thorough physical examination: Here, the doctor first checks the muscle functions and the mobility of the cervical spine and shoulder joints. It also determines whether nerves are pinched. Depending on the suspected cause of the pain can then further diagnostic procedure are used - for example:

If it is suspected that the neck pain signs of meningitis, the physician removes additionally in a so-called Liquorpunktion Brain water and can examine the sample.

Neck pain often make no special treatment needed: Most of the pain is caused by tension in the neck and disappear by itself again. cautious massages or heat applications but (mud, red light, heat cushion for the neck, etc.) can help to solve the neck tension and alleviate the discomfort.

If you severe neck pain , you can contrast drugs take - suited (so-called muscle relaxants.) painkillers (eg paracetamol), to stimulate blood circulation and anti-inflammatory non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (eg ibuprofen, diclofenac) or muscle-relaxing drugs.

Only on overhead and other work in a rigid posture, you should refrain provisionally with neck pain. Light physical activity, however - such as walking, walking or jogging - you can do immediately. The Exercise promotes your mobility and ensures that the pain in the neck subside quickly. In addition, sports activities strengthen the muscles and thus reduce the risk of relapse. but avoid it here to remain for long periods in an awkward posture (such as cycling).

Are your neck pain due to stress or other emotional stress related, you can also relaxation techniques (Such as progressive muscle relaxation or autogenous training) or a psychological counseling help.

lies a other disease behind your neck pain, is a targeted therapy This underlying disease is necessary. Can the pain in the neck by no other measures alleviate it may be necessary surgery - for example, a herniated disc.

By the way, exercise and stress reduction are not only for the treatment of neck pain suitable but also act preventive. Therefore it is always recommended, Her neck a good thing to do on a regular basis!


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