Folic acid (folate): foods with folic acid

21 October 2017

Folic acid (folate) can take both vegetable and animal foods than to himself. The plant foods, especially leafy vegetables such as spinach and lettuce, cabbage and some fruits and products made from whole grain contain much folic acid. Especially rich in folic acid are wheat germ and soybeans.

In animal foods liver and liver products contain from the highest
Concentrations of this vitamin, while in other
Meats and fish are hard to come folic acid.

Legumes take giblets in second place: they contain, for example,
per 100 grams of food a lot more folic acid as a vegetable or fruit.

Some soft drinks and industrially produced fruit juices,
Breakfast cereals and flakes, dairy products and folic acid salt is artificially

Experts discuss whether certain Staple food, as flour, with
Folic acid should be enriched. The goal: the supply of folic acid in the
to improve general population. As people very different to
feed, such a measure does not reach all citizens. Moreover, it is not
clear to what extent it could lead to an over-supply of folic acid.


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