Pain in the hand

21 October 2017

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when gripping, writing or in print if ever hurt his hands, probably everyone goes to the doctor. But the diagnosis is not always easy - after all, the causes of pain in the hand are extremely varied. overloading or injury often behind it, but also diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome, a ganglion or rheumatism may be the reason for the pain. 

What helps the pain in his hand, depends primarily on the cause. Acute pain, for example, hand, according to the short-term miscarriage or overload may occur (such as after an intense tennis match, or by ermäßige use of mobile phones), often disappear by itself. In this case it is advisable to the affected hand save - about using a bandage. 

If the tendon sheaths are ignited by the high loads, in addition, so-called NSAIDs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen or aspirin relieve the pain in his hand. 

The hand is a sophisticated and complex gripping member without that most developments of mankind would not have been possible. Basically, the hand

This results in a total of 27 bones, 36 joints and 39 muscles that allow both fine and gross motor movements in interaction. are on hand to also tendons, bands, annoy and blood vessels.

Since the hands in everyday life mostly tasked will include false or excessive loads on the main causes of hand pain. This problem know as many people who spend long periods of time in front of computers: Then can develop a so-called mouse arm, fachsprachlich RSI. Here, it is advisable to make the workplace using special keyboards or pads for the heel of the hand ergonomically - otherwise the pain in the hand will always come back. 

But also Illness or injury can cause hand pain, for example:

The pain in the hand may be limited only to the hand, but also radiate - sometimes to hand pain act even into the shoulder out.

To determine where the pain come, the doctor is different movement tests carry out. Depending on the suspected cause of the doctor orders further investigation methods, such as X-ray, MRI or neurological examinations. Sometimes it is also necessary to puncture a joint or to look from the inside (so-called. Arthroscopy or arthroscopic).

Whether and how the hand pain must be treated depends on the underlying cause. Often it is sufficient to protect the hand or Creams or ointments to treat. Also physiotherapy or cold or heat therapy can help with pain in the hand. Sometimes the doctor prescribes Painkiller. Some causes an operation eliminates hand pain, for example bottleneck syndromes or joint damage.


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