Sweating, sweating: Causes

21 October 2017

Excessive sweating can be very different causes to have. completely normal are sweats in a increased body temperature. So is an increased production of sweat as a normal sign of:

Some people have a hereditary basis predisposition often sweats than others. Also overweight People often sweat more than normal weight.

Also, excessive sweating psychological causes have as nervousness, anxiety and stress. For example, a frightening end, imminent test can cause sweating, the test specimen.

A hormonal changes - such as in the context of menstruation, during pregnancy or during menopause - can also be responsible for frequent sweats during the day or profuse sweating during sleep.

In addition, drugs be responsible for excessive sweating: For example, people who are taking aspirin, steroids or antidepressants, often more sweating than otherwise.

In addition, frequent or constant excessive sweating may different as an accompanying symptom Diseases arise where the sweating Not is the result of a fever. For example, the following diseases can cause increased sweating:


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