Alcoholism (alcohol addiction, alcohol addiction): Symptoms & History

21 October 2017

An alcohol dependence works on physical as well as on a psychological level. It is not a question of quantity, whether someone is an alcoholic or not: Some alcoholics can maintain their daily alcohol consumption at a certain level, it does not manage to remain abstinent. In contrast, other drink for days without being able to control their consumption. Symptoms of alcohol dependence may therefore vary.

characteristic symptoms the so-called alcohol dependence syndrome are for example:

Alcoholism leads to withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms occur when the drug is absent. Drinking an alcoholic alcohol, it comes after four to twelve hours for alcohol withdrawal syndrome. With continued abstinence withdrawal symptoms subside within a week.

As withdrawal symptoms, for example, experience the following symptoms:

In addition, a alcoholic delirium (Delirium tremens) occur, for example, where symptoms such as hallucinations, severe anxiety, disorientation, confusion, tremors or sweating in the foreground.

Alcoholism (alcohol addiction, alcohol addiction) develops insidious over a longer period of time and becomes chronic. One can differentiate different phases.

Outsiders may initially have difficulty recognizing alcoholism. Affected parties seems nervous and restless, can concentrate difficult and seems depressed. In the course of alcohol dependence, the person changing increasingly, it is, for example, irritable and moody unstable.


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