Pleural effusion: Symptoms

21 October 2017

A pleural effusion can various symptoms cause: On the one hand the liquid that has accumulated between the lung and chest wall to difficulty in breathing to lead. This symptom occurs especially during physical exertion. On the other is a slightly during pleural effusion increased temperature or fever possible. Sufferers may also Tightness in the chest feel.

Pleural effusions may under a wide variety of physical disorders occur. Here, a pleural effusion is also an important sign of diseases Not directly affect the lungs (such as cancers of other organs, heart disease, kidney disease, liver diseases and rheumatic diseases). Therefore stand in people with pleural effusion often other symptoms in the foreground, due to the underlying disease.

The symptoms themselves caused by pleural effusion are often not particularly strong and disturbs the general condition hardly. Breathing-related chest pains that are typical symptoms in a dry pleurisy, made with a pleural effusion Not.

Since the pleural effusion is an accumulation of fluid, it changes by breathing movements its shape. These Shape change in breathing can be made visible using an ultrasound, if the ultrasound waves hit the pleural effusion, reflects this they will return (as it is liquid), which physicians as echofrei describe. On the ultrasound image of the effusion is visible as a black spot.

Even if a pleural effusion otherwise does not cause noticeable symptoms, so you can him well demonstrated using sonography.


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