Red eyes (red eyes)

21 October 2017

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Red eyes (red eyes) can have many causes. Every now and then appear on red-eye at almost every time, but are not necessarily a cause for concern. Because in most cases the cause harmless (for example, lack of sleep), and the red eyes mend itself.

In contrast, however, it looks as red eyes over a longer period exist, or red eyes occur simultaneously with other symptoms, such as:

If you experience red eyes with such symptoms to, consider the possible clarify causes timely medical to let. This also applies to red eyes, pointing to one or two days still no improvement.

Facts about red eyes

Red eye can many causes to have.

On ruptured capillaries in the eye (A so-called. Hyposphagma) though may also cause red eyes and looks at first glance, depending on the extent often frightening, but is mostly harmless. Eye pain or other symptoms usually do not occur with broken veins. Similar to a bruise heals the bandage bruise usually within one to two weeks of itself.

Red Eye: You see this eye with conjunctivitis. © Okapia

Red eyes may indicate conjunctivitis. (© John Watney / Science Source / OKAPIA)


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