Menopause (climacteric)

21 October 2017

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Menopause (menopause) are not a disease but a natural phase in life that runs through every woman of a certain age. Nevertheless, the menopause can trigger symptoms that make some treatment necessary.

During menopause the woman on the stage of sexual maturity occurs over (age) into the so-called senility. In most women, the menopause covers the period between the 45th and 70th year. During the menopause, the hormones of women ask to:

Estrogen deficiency can cause menopausal symptoms: Typical symptoms for menopause of women, for example, hot flashes, sweating and dizziness. Most women need but no Treatment: Approximately one-third of all women remains during menopause without Complaints, while another third of the more than 50-year-old women light developed problems. Only in the last third of the menopause with very runs strengthen Impairment requiring treatment makes sense.

To help prevent excessive menopausal symptoms are primarily hormonal preparations with estrogens and / or progestogens used: This so-called Hormone therapy (Sometimes - misleading - Hormone Replacement Therapy called) is so far the most effective remedy against occurring in menopause symptoms. In some cases, such a therapy is during menopause, however, Not question in the following:

By the hormone treatment can cause side effects come - that's why the woman should consult with the doctor which procedure against menopausal symptoms is best suited for them. While hormone therapy is regular check-ups at the gynecologist recommended.

In the long run the typical menopause estrogen deficiency in women causes Changes in the body: Above all, the uterus, the vagina, the vulva and the mammary gland form more or less to shrink back or begin. In addition, change in menopause skin and mucous membranes: The skin is becoming thinner and less elastic. This can lead to pain during intercourse (dyspareunia).

Without treatment in about one in four women with osteoporosis (bone loss) develops over the course of menopause. Using hormone therapy can, however, at least partially counteract these effects of menopause.


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