Sciatica (sciatica, sciatica): Symptoms

21 October 2017

The for sciatica (sciatic pain, sciatica) are typical symptoms back pain in the lower back (at the level of the lumbar spine), the to the leg radiate - on the back of the thigh to the knee from the buttocks (in rare cases up to the foot). Frequently reinforced the sciatic pain by coughing, sneezing or pressing.

If - due to a herniated disc - is pinched sciatic nerve, it is usually suddenly for Sciatica: Symptoms for the pinched sciatic nerve - typically withdrawing or tearing pains - are then violently. In some cases, sciatica occur simultaneously with an equally sudden and violent lumbago (lumbago), but where the pain remain limited on the back: The complaints of such Lumbo-sciatica then flow smoothly into one.

Put an irritated sciatic nerve pain, it can be the sciatic pain accompanying muscle tension or Restrictions on the mobility come. Not infrequently occur when sciatica also symptoms of nerve damage on, for example, sense disorders (numbness, tingling, so-called formication.) or paralysis. In severe sciatica, a bladder or bowel disorders may also (so-called. incontinence) Are formed.


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