Vitamin D: Vitamin D deficiency

21 October 2017

A vitamin D deficiency can also during pregnancy arise. And in women in menopause (Climacteric) is after the hormonal changes of the body is also often a lack of vitamin D before.

In addition, eligibility for vitamin D deficiency as a cause one chronic illness in question, in which the admission of vitamin D from food or conversion is disturbed by vitamin D into its active form. examples are

If children durable make too little vitamin D or take in, they develop a rickets, because their calcium metabolism falls by vitamin D deficiency from the Lot. The consequences: The bone is calcium-free and built in the amount of bone calcium and phosphate is too low, so that the bone changes its shape. In addition, the vitamin D deficiency triggers other symptoms have children with vitamin D deficiency: from

Already knew?
The bone disease rickets joined during the industrial revolution especially in England very frequently on. Children had at that time often work in mines and barely came to light. As a result, they developed a strong vitamin D deficiency and suffering from rickets. Therefore, rickets was nicknamed at this time "English disease",


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